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None of my saved files are recognizing

posted by puresholtz on - last edited - Viewed by 330 users

After downloading episode three, I went to play and none of my saved files are recognized by the game now! So it wants me to start over. They are still there in the actual walking dead folder in my documents. I read about other people doing something with a file and moving it to another folder or something, but I'm not super great with computers and feel there should be an easier fix than that from Telltale.

I'm playing on a PC.

I really REALLY don't want to have to start over- especially because what if this happens again on episode 4 and 5? I'm not going to play the game a billion times.

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  • This happened to me when Episode 2 came out also. I have no motivation to play this game if my saves are never going to work. TellTale, PLEASE respond to at least one of these threads! We love your games and want to experience them but hate that this bug is keeping us from even remotely enjoying the experience!!

  • Happened to me too. All my games were lost. This sucks.

  • having this problem here too.

    all my saves are in my documents folder as well.

  • **repost from Walking Dead forums***

    Just great... I've bought and played damn near every Telltale Game since Sam & Max 1, Ignored the delays and the bugs and whatnot and now, just as I go to finish up Ep 3 of Walking Dead on the Xbox 360 my save file is gone and I have to restart from Ep. 1. I thought the whole point of not rushing the releases was to prevent mistakes like this. All my choices are gone, I was doing my 1st playthrough with no going back and fixing mistakes/bad choices and now I don't get to play the story I've invested months in. I hope you guys read this and know you've REALLY disappointed a loyal customer. I don't know if I'll even bother replaying it now.

  • I would like to know how to fix this problem as well.

    I have been reading several threads on this forum since signing up yesterday, and all I see is everyone complaining about the same issues, but nothing is being done about it. Most of us are just as lost as eachother, and the people who are actually trying to get work arounds are just part of the community like ourselves.

    It's time these TellTale Games start responding to their customers cries and fix the problem or even offer us hope of it being fixed very quickly. At this moment in time I think they are hopeless. Take your money and do a runner. The customer service and the moderating is way below par.

  • This is a pretty sad state of affairs. a broken game... every episode i get the same issue with saved games... i'm not playing the whole thing through again... i'd actually like a hotfix or a patch without having to jump through hoops.

  • That fix did not work for me. And, yes, I performed it correctly with save files in the mydocs folder and such.

  • Does not work for me either.
    I am a reviewer and acquired this game for review.
    TellTale take the extra time to not put out a buggy mess. Stop trying to push something out in a month or at least have all the episodes created before you put them on a monthly release cycle

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