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Game-breaking graphic glitch, Walking Dead Mac, Ep3

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This is re: Walking Dead ep 3 for Mac, via Steam. I'm on a MacbookPro late '11, Intel HD 3100 gfx, 16gb RAM, OSX 10.7.4.

Sorry if this has come up before already. In fact I think it happened when I got episode 2 as well: after the download of episode 3, when I start the game the screen immediately shifts to complete graphics garbage/broken bits of Finder Window etc. I can here the backkground sound of the Walking Dead welcome screen, but the screen shows complete garbage. I think this happened when i installed episode 2. The advice there was to reinstall the game from scratch (losing my saves so far). I don;t really want to have todo that for Ep 3!

Steam is updated, the game is updated (as far as I can tell) and I;ve verified the game cache integrity. can anyone help out with this?



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