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[Spoilers] Is Christa...

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One of the bandits? When you go to play with Doug, Doug shoots one of the bandits and you have two bandits to shoot. When you play with Carley, Carley takes out two of them and there's only one left before she runs out of bullets. This last bandit always lives.

In both instances when you go to shoot the last bandit, it gets away over the fence even if you peg a bullet in their ass. There's really no purpose to foreshadowing this bandit or making it invulnerable to a well timed shot if its a nobody because all other shots function; even 'choices' that are argued to not matter are rewarded with a kill if pressed. This aspect is not rewarded, its plot armored. Nobodies don't get plot armor.

"She" is seemingly lacking a rack, but we've had this argument before in these threads when it concerns Christa, and furthermore this person had a different, thicker jacket on at the time and bigger jackets hide forms better. But the skin tone is identical, the little side-burns and eyebrows are the same, the face is kind of feminine/matching although its only the side, and there's that little mark on the back of her neck I thought I saw before but need to replay again.

There's also the emphasis that they repeated again and again that survival = a small group. Why would we care and why insist they've always been alone? Or maybe they learned that same lesson recently themselves.

The only aspect of this that makes me uncertain would be the fact that you take an RV and go around for awhile, and then eventually a train. That's some distance since the events which discredits the idea a bit. On the other hand, there were a lot of detours and a lot of aimlessness leading up to the train. Time was not tracked particularly well, heck, night and another day passed by with Lee sleeping.

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