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2 Cool Things in Ep 3 - Spoilers, kind of

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1. The Marsh House. The hotel in Savannah is actually called the Marshall House, and it is reportedly haunted ---- along with every other building in that city. (I'm actually looking forward to walking through Savannah again. Will make the next long weekend there extra special!! I can tell you from experience that walking from River Street to your hotel - at night, possibly intoxicated - is a unique experience.)

1.1 There is a Marsh House in Georgia - In Lafayette, GA. Which happens to be in - drum roll please - Walker County!!!!! (cue rim shot!)

2. When Lee looks at the railroad map, there aren't many cities mentioned. Savannah is one, obviously, but Rome is the other. It's marked. That's where I live! Kinda cool. I wonder, though, why would it be marked specifically? Is this where the game takes us? Is this a sign that I'm going to win the contest to be in the game and that the group will come to my town and be eaten by zombie-me? I most emphatically think it is!

2.1 Hello? TTG? Anyone paying attention? I just finished your game for you!

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  • Every location and everything real world wise is real, but just some generic products thrown in (things named energy bar and boxes labeled as "Medicine" to not get sued) But a lot of the locations mentioned in Robert Kirkmans comics are all real places in America. I assume TT is following that format, as am I with my Zombie Fanfiction :)

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