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Lee's secret, who did you tell? - Episode 3 [Spoilers]

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So, who did/didn't you tell? What was your logic in deciding? Did it pay off or come back to bite you in the ass later?

Personally, I told everybody. I would've told Duck too if the game had allowed it. XD Generally speaking, I prefer honesty in all situations. It's up to people to make up their own minds whether or not they like what they hear, either way at least it's the truth and it won't come up as a nasty surprise later.

Everyone took it well. Katjaa seemed a bit worried and Kenny flat-out told me that if it came down to limited group numbers on his boat, this would affect his decision and he may leave me for dead, but he still appreciated my honesty. You're welcome, cunt. <3

Kenny mentions the importance of being honest with each other later on when he tells Lee about Duck being bitten by a walker. Did anybody choose to not tell Kenny about Lee's past? If so, does that have any impact on how Lee finds out about Duck being bitten?

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