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Episode 3 ruined everything

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The first time I'm not looking forward to new release at all. If it comes out, I'll play, if not, I'm not bothered. Well done TTG! episode 3 ruined everthing and also appeared everything about that fake choice making.

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  • @dubesor said: Wrong. It says, quote:
    A tailored game experience – Live with the profound and lasting consequences of the decisions that you make in each episode. Your actions and choices will affect how your story plays out across the entire series.

    How the story plays out.
    Not "how you personally feel for 5 minutes". Not "how someone changes a sentence later" but "how the story plays out".

    And so far, non of the choices have affected how the story played out. Neither are they lasting.

    Let's deconstruct that. The choices you make have consequence. Obviously. Now it's not said that they are story-altering or major decision that affect the narrative in a completely different way. But your choices do have consequence, it's immediate. And sometime it occurs much later.

    And they do affect HOW the story plays out. As Lee, you choose what to say, and how to handle any given situation. Now just because you can make those choices doesn't mean that your choices will greatly affect the game world. They do have a consequence tho, but they don't affect the backbone of the narrative tho. Just the details.

  • The irony? People are mad that they don't have choices because someone who is only alive because they made a fundamentally significant choice in the first episode dies and makes them feel really bad.

    Good job, TTG.

  • @bazenji said: The irony? People are mad that they don't have choices because someone who is only alive because they made a fundamentally significant choice in the first episode dies and makes them feel really bad.

    Good job, TTG.


  • If you're gonna defend the game, defend it for what it is, a linear narrative that plays out differently in MINOR ways depending on certain decisions. I can accept that and I still think the next two chapters will be fine but this is not a game to replay multiple times if you're expecting something fundamentally different on each play through. The only reason I played through before was for the Doug/Carley differences. I'm sure they'll come up with something else to make the different replays different but as of right now, that was the major one.

    How YOU perceive Lee isn't really the variable most people are looking for in a replay. The story of the game so far is still pretty good and I think as long as some new interesting supporting characters like Doug/Carley are introduced, then it will continue to be good but this isn't really a game about choices.

    Kind of reminds me of the jrpgs that gave you looping choices throughout the game for strange reasons kind of like this:

    A: Fight Bad Guy
    B: Go do something else

    Answer B

    "What's that? I didn't hear you."

    A: Fight Bad Guy
    B Go do something else

    Answer B

    "What's that? I didn't hear you."

    A: Fight Bad Guy
    B Go do something else

    That's about how choices in the game play out and I think that's why some people are confused/upset. I think once you get past the assumption that this game is about choices, and that it's really just a good game with a good story then people will accept things like their favorite characters dying easier (so long as they still have a reason to come back to the game).

    This isn't like a game or a movie, this is more like a series and not everybody has bought the next episode yet. So telling people to go play other games if you want choices is not a good way to keep the interest up so that more games like this get made.

  • Games like this have been getting made for decades and will continue to be made in the far future. I doubt some backlash from players over a few character deaths are going to change that

  • It even has less choice than Heavy Rain.

    I haven't bought since ep1, I can just watch plays on youtube as it just seems like a film, glad I didn't get the season pass.

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    In the end it comes down to what each individual player expects.

    I could be satisfied with a linear story but the advertisement says (to me) it's not and I can expect more. But since there's nothing majorly different at the end of EP3, the advertisement is obviously BS (imho) and thus I won't buy the game. I just don't like being lied to....

    If anyone else thinks the extend of choice is what they expected, fine with me. I just wish people would start raising their expectations a bit.


  • @Funatick said: I know how you feel. But there's still 2 more episodes. So choices from ep1,2,3 still could have a lot of meaning..

    @Funatick said: There's no need for the to stop advertising it as such. We don't even know the outcome of some of our decisions seeing as this is episode 3 of 5. We very clearly see decisions have impacts on gameplay in this very episode. How exactly do you feel ripped off?

    The chances of that happening seem to be almost impossible right now.

    Every character who has been there since the beginning with the exception of kenny and clementine are now dead. Nothing that you told any of them or did for them matters in the slightest now. Kenny always seems to just hate you or not really care, and it sounds like to get the latter option of him not really caring you have to literally pick every single nice option with him to get him to do that.

    Clementine has already lied to you and there's almost certainately no way to do anything about that.

    Ben hasn't even been there the whole time and he'll probably be dead about the same time that Kenny dies.

    Anything you did in the first and second chapters now have no or little significance. I could tell that all of the people who died this episode were going to die eventually, and i can definitely say that kenny is going to die in the next episode because of how unstable he is.

    Helping the girl kill herself at the motor inn on the first chapter? doesn't matter because the only person still alive who even knows about that is lee, who seems to be suffering from such a bad case of amnesia that he doesn't remember the person he was starting a relationship with just died a few minutes ago.

    Siding with kenny or Larry? doesn't matter, Larry died in episode 2, Lilly is gone and kenny will be dead in the next episode.

    Gave people energy bars? fixed the radio? both of those don't matter because the energy bars basically dissapear after that, and carley is dead now so nobody will even care about the radio.

    And the list goes on.. basically, no choices even matter if the characters never even mention what has happened.

    @Funatick said: The irony? People are mad that they don't have choices because someone who is only alive because they made a fundamentally significant choice in the first episode dies and makes them feel really bad.

    Good job, TTG.

    It seemed like a fundamentally different choice at the time when episode 1 was new. However now we know that it doesn't matter at all. Choosing between carley and doug barely had any significance other than a couple of different dialogue options. Depending on who you saved, both of them barely appear at all after you save them, so they don't even have any significant differences to the story or characters around them.

    Now that we've played through the game, we know that choice doesn't really matter because they don't have any big impact.

  • @Xebioz said: Well then, maybe I just remember a game from 97' for having good graphics? That story is different every time you play it and you don't know how stuff is going to go down even if you have played it before. If they could do that back then they should be able to do some kind of branching story now no? And that was FMV in addition which is a horrible tool to work with when trying to lower costs.

    But anyway. What I am saying is not that TWD is a bad game or that Episode 3 is bad. I just feel that a good product should be criticized when it shows flaws and that's what I'm doing. Hailing the game as the savior of gaming really isn't going to turn out a better Episode 4, so I'm trying to help in my way.

    That was the game making a few random changes at the beginning, it was forcing those differences as I explained in the first page, that has nothing to do with player choice changing the game. I think you definately remember it too fondly, I played it quite a bit and it's a great game, but it isn't the game where every choice you make throughout changes everything as you're trying to say it is.

    You have every right to complain, but i'm sticking to my position that you're expecting something that modern gaming (including blade runner, since the only real choices that made any difference in that were only towards the ending) is simply incapable of producing.

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    I had to join this due to having played all 3 back to back and i do agree the choices are pretty non existent i kind of felt this in terms of ME3 saving/ killing the rachnai they are in 3 no matter what. This is paralleled to kenny surviving at the end of 3.

    Now i did feel sad when the characters died and enjoyed episode 3 but i wanted to leave with Lily (i didn't realsie until after she was a comic character) so we are literally on a plot railroad (badumdish) despite being told at the beginning of every episode we are not. I would have been satisfied i had an impact on who the lone survivor of the original group was with me bar clem.

    Also the trailer to 4 downright said my choice in 3 didn't matter when i told clem my plan to look for her parents when we arrive! gee thanks telltale :rolleyes: I guess in 4 now im going to be looking at any newcomers who aren't kenny or clem and assume they are going to die somewhere in the series unfortunatley.

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