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How to Start Episode 3 after it is installed?

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Last night I downloaded the Episode 3 Add on for my PS3 and then installed it but when I start the Walking Dead game I have no clue how to start playing Episode 3. I go to the Download Content screen and I see that it shows Episode 3 as installed but I can not do anything on that screen except hit the O button to back out. Then if I go to the Play menu I only see my saved Episode 1, Episode 2 save game files and then the third slot is to start a new game. I tried selecting the Episode 2 save file but it starts at the Abandoned Car chapter and I play through it until I get to the credits and it shows a preview of what is coming in the next episode but I have no idea how to play Episode 3. Please Help!!!

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  • I got the exact same problem. I had problems finding where to even install the game last time. Why did they have to make this more complicated than it had to? Not to sound like an old fart but I remember a time when you could download a game, install it, then start it and that's it. It can't be a telltale thing because I had no problems playing Back To The Future, every download came up on the site when it was released. I just can't understand why it had to be done like this, it's not rocket science!

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    ArthurV Telltale Staff

    Hi there! Sorry about the menu confusion. Hopefully I can help. I don't have my PS3 handy at the moment, but here's the visual process from my PC (it's nearly the same).

    [1] Starting from the Walking Dead main menu, select "Play."

    Lmrng.jpg[2] This will take you to the episode select menu, which has three save slots. Select the save slot with the completed Episode 2 playthrough.


    And now, two scenarios:

    [3a] Assuming your Episode 2 save slot was flagged as "complete" (meaning you initiated the credits after viewing the stats screen), the game menu is supposed to auto-scroll to Episode 3. Then all you have to do from there is press "play" and Episode 3 will launch.

    lUAWO.jpg[3b] If this auto-scroll to Episode 3 didn't occur, you'll want to confirm that your Episode 2 screen is flagged as "complete" by looking for the "STATS" option. This option only appears on episodes the player has completed by triggering the game's credits. If that's all in order, on your PS3 controller, tap the "R1" shoulder button to scroll right to the Episode 3 screen. Then follow the directions listed in step [3a] above and select "Play" to launch the episode.


    Hope that helps! :)

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