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[Spoilers]Train Photo

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Remember the family photo in the train? A lot of people said it could be the St. Johns, which doesnt make that much sense...

Other people say the man on it is Chuck, although he is just a hobo living in the train car.

Im not 100% sure, but i think its Dale(comic) and his family. Thoughts?

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  • @Cyreen said: soapbox.gif

    Are you really, really sure? LOL!

    I thought that it went without saying, but obviously not.

    I gave up thinking things went without saying when on the web years ago, lol. I like to think that just when I've or someone else has said it enough, say it one more time, lol.

  • @fanganga said: It's not that big a coincidence coming across more than one person from Georgia in Georgia.

    great post haha i think the photo has absolutelu no significance. its just a photo of the conductors/ train drivers family.

  • The photo is obviously the conductor's family and it's only there to make you wonder if they are dead or alive and how fucked up their deaths were or how bad their current situation must be.

  • But It still doesnt explain how he died.If the conductor broke the window with his head and died.Why he was sitting at the chair?

  • @Razzak said: But It still doesnt explain how he died.If the conductor broke the window with his head and died.Why he was sitting at the chair?

    Now this is more interesting. It's important to note that some wagons got derailed. Perhaps the conductor had to forcefully stop the train and he somehow hit the window with his head but didn't die instantly so he stayed in the chair and bleeded out.

    That sounds silly I guess but I kinda suck at theorizing. I do think it's mentioned that he may have never turned into a walker so he certainly died of severe head trauma.

  • Well, let's see. When Lee talked to Brenda, did she say (In regards to Terry) "Bless his soul." or "Rest his soul."? I was under the impression that Terry passed away. If she says "Rest" then that would also imply it. Anyone remember?

    As for how the conductor died, that's a true mystery. Judging by the scene, it's implied that the train came to a hard stop (Probably not by his doing) and jolted him out of his seat and into the glass window, crushing his skull open. That could be true, as I imagine the glass would have to be fairly thick (I'm no train expert), but I don't see the damage actually caving his skull in like that. The wounds don't seem consistent.

    If the train was halted abruptly, then why is he still seated, nearly perfectly, in his chair? That seems a little impossible, even for a confined space (He had leg room, and such). These will probably be mysteries that will never be solved. :P

  • maybe he just got thrown back again by the force, after being stopped by the glass etc. he was probably looking at his family photo when it happened. Otherwise I think his head would be wounded on the wrong side. So at least the last thing he saw was (sort of) his family.

  • I've been called to enough car accidents in my time to know that the human body moves in weird ways when it is the victim of trauma and force. Hitting the window and then slouching back into his seat isn't only possible it's likely. The windows on a train are often double or triple thick or even plexiglass, which to break would need a lot of force. If the train's rear car's derailed and pulled his cab to a stop he would fly forward at the speed the train was going before it stopped because he wasn't wearing a belt (since most trains don't have those in the cab), upwards of 40-50 mph. Hitting the window with the force to crack it but not fly trough it like he would a car window so his body would fall back, likely into the seat and the whiplash would put him into a somewhat seated position.

  • What I want to know is, why did the photo dissapear? Kenny and Chuck were in the front of the train, could they have tooken it?

    Or did it simply mysteriously get lost?

  • @Viner16 said: What I want to know is, why did the photo dissapear?

    It's only two pages, read the whole thread.

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