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Limited Choices discussion (merged threads)

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I was a bit disappointed with the story choices. Reminded me of LA Noir, where most game choices are superficial. If you pick Shawn he still dies the same. Even if the other chosen character died(Doug or Carlie), the other said the same things. And no matter what I said nothing changed story points, like Larry shoving you down even if you side with him. Oh and with Glenn, if you hand the girl the gun he says how can you let people give up but if you refuse he says how can you deny someone's choice! The character's in the game should have the same convictions no matter what you choose, this is unacceptable character development.

Supposedly the choices of Episode 1 greatly affect how everyone views you though... I sure hope the following episodes prove more impressive with the choices, and I realllllly hope it branches out and expands more. For a 2hr game it should have a lot more possibilities.

I know it's only a $5 game, just please don't let me down.

Otherwise, the story itself was awesome, the gameplay is really good and the art style is incredible. Still the best TT game to date! Keep it up guys!

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  • You know, its possible they are aiming for multiple endings, based on your overall choices. Say depending on how well you treated Clem throughout would decide on her choice of staying with him, while middle road she saves him but leaves, third being she saves herself and runs for it.

    Personally, if the final episode can at least take all 4 episodes into consideration to have multiple endings, I think I will be fine. Least then it would give another reason to replay it.

  • i really don't think the game should be criticised , sorry but after just finishing the third episode I've been on the edge of my seat again and that to me is worth every penny . Yes the story is going in one direction but isn't it meant to be the choices we make on the way that matters ?? I mean ok its a valid point that no matter what you do Carly dies duck dies etc but its how we react to these situations in the dialogue that makes the game so good.
    i for one love getting to the end and seeing who chose to do what and cant wait for the next one every time !, and for the money per episode i think were all winners. To have a truly 100% decision based game would take for ever to make and play and lets face it would cost a fortune to buy . I for one am a very happy customer

  • Is anybody disappointed with the game so far? The game not the story. I believe the story is very well written, and I'm thoroughly enjoying that part of the game, but the game itself is extremely frustrating.

    I have played episode 1, 2 and 3 and my decisions don't seem to mean anything. When I first loaded the game I felt my decisions would make a difference, but apart from saving Carley or Doug I feel helpless. It's like going through a game supposedly giving you the freedom to make vital decisions and changes but the outcome still being the same, extremely disappointing.

    I don't know if you guys ever had the chance to play Heavy Rain on the PS3, but that's a game Tell Tale should have been creating. A game where decisions count for something. A game where one wrong move and you can die and be written out of the game. A story that had like 5 possible endings and changes in the plot if you made bad choices. This is what I was hoping for when I bought The Walking Dead. I bought the game because I'm a fan of the TV series, but I was expecting more from the game.

    I have been in several situations on the game where I have wanted to make a difference but couldn't as the game appears to be too linear and forcing your hand on many things. I would have loved to have made a difference without these silly "Appreciation hints" and the following person dying 10 seconds later unexpectedly.

    Instead of just building up a strong relationship with some of the characters, you should be able to make sure they stay alive as well without the decision being made for you. If that means a slight change in the plot with the characters you like surviving so be it, I just feel Tell Tale have been lazy and created a very short gaming experience without you being able to do a thing to prevent character deaths.

    Please don't get me wrong I am enjoying it as a whole to a certain extent but I was hoping for so much more hence the rant. I would have just loved to be able to make a valuable difference without feeling helpless.

  • I think telltale got their money and now just want to get this game over with.

    The easy way out is to kill the main characters, that way the decisions you have made with each one wont matter and they dont have to make all kinds of different options.

    Like the Carley/Doug issue. Making you choose who to save... This was a mistake. Because of that they had to make 2 games. One with Carley, another with Doug. The easy way out was to kill them both. Problem solved.

    Now with the main crew gone and the decisions you made gone with them, creating the next episode will be easier.
    Kenny will drop dead in ep4, or he will be a nobody without his familly.

  • But those choices have 0 impact so they don't matter along the way

  • You still do NOT understand world of TWD. Many of this what was written on last 2 pages, had been written before.

  • The problem i have with the game is not the story, the world of WTD, the death of carley/doug, no, it's the fact that the game was advertised by "the story will be tailored by your choices".
    At the end of the third episode (who i excellent, i think it's the better of the three in term of emotion and story) our saves are all the sames... how the story is tailored by my choices if all of them are without consequences ? Beside Doug/Carley choices, what other impact the story or "tailor" it ? None. Sequence, dialogue, changes a litlle but not the story herself...
    This problem have nothing to do with "the world of TWD" or "Carley/doug death". You can do nothing, change nothing, or even influence in the smallest possible way the story, you can't save anybody (oh I already see "it's TWD world answers", you can keep it, i understand it and i agree but i don't speak of that now, i speak about choices and impact) or change anything (even in the smallest way in this chapter). So how can i tailor the story of a game if i can't change, influence or worsen things ?

    this is my problem now.

    I'd alreaffy buy the season and i think TWD game is a good interactive comic but not the game i see in advertising and the playing dead interviews...

  • I do understand what you mean. Originally I thought it would mean the choices would ultimately affect my outcome of each episode. Say episode 2 those who chose to stay deal with the brothers, while those who chose to leave end up in the RV with Kenny and his family for episode 2 followed by episode 3 being completely different than what we got this time around.

    That was my initial though on "tailored to your choices"

  • Exactly Malcom...The game was/is advertised as something that it is clearly not. This is why people are upset.

  • I loved ep1 but now I am start thinking my love is only gold digger. Your choices matter? I yesterday tried to play ep1 withouch choice anything but game continued like normal even I let all dialoues pass so your choices definetly matter a lot:D I also started to play Fallout yesterday and I enjoyed it a way more than TWD...

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