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Can we actually Kill Ben?

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Listen to me good, Persuasion mode ON, Can we really keep this up?

Like we always say we'd kill Larry when we get the chance
but instead the majority of us chose to try and rescue him.

And with Duck, we talked about how annoying he was, but in the end it was pretty sad to kill him, i'm actually not sure of this one because some people might have wanted to shoot him or not.

Now we've got this "Kill Ben" thread up because of Carley's death, when Lilly killed her in the first place, we all know it's all for Carley, but think reality, Carley got mad that Lilly wanted to throw Ben off the RV or even kill him, would Carley want you to Avenge her death by Killing Ben, the kid she tried to protect, or would you rather have her death be in vein and kill off Ben anyways?

It's our choice guys, Telltale Listens to us, I know it's a game, but some or most of you pretend like Carley's the only human being here, and not the other characters, I just wanted to let you guys know, before we make another regret.

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