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Please Assist-Episode 3

posted by ellenflowers on - last edited - Viewed by 371 users

I need help with Episode 3

I began Episode 3 on Standard.

The scene where Clementine and Lee go to the train station.

He puts her through the slot on the top of the locked room.

Then immediately, she looks back and you have a fight with several walkers.

This is too difficult for me.

I've tried it so many times that now Lee just walks out the door but the game still considers him dead and I have to start over again.(probably a glitch)

How do I switch to Easy Mode?

I cannot find anyway to do thhis

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  • Ok I'm using the W key backwards and then pressing 2

    This is not working

    Episode 1 and Episode 2 were really fun

    This is not fun. In fact it is not pleasant at all.

    I've repeated this at least 50 times

    Something is badly wrong here

    I want O-U-T of this mess

    Is this some kind of a "perfectly timed" computer key press rubbish?

    It would seem highly unlikely for such a simplistic game as this

  • As soon as you have control of Lee, hit W until your mouse gives you the hand option over the wrench, pick it up and bash them.
    Or just box with them a little. There is no timing needed but you do have limited time to get the wrench in hand

  • I had that problem the first time I played the episode as well, you just have to use your mouse scroll as you would with a conversation to pick the wrench.

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    ArthurV Telltale Staff

    This part can be difficult.

    1) Back up away from the two zombies using the "W" key. Don't bother punching them.
    2) When in range of the wrench, cursor over it.
    3) Two options: Scroll your mouse wheel up or hit "2" on your keyboard.
    4) Click on the wrench.
    5) Bash zombie skulls.

  • Can anyone tell me how many times this "switch verb" mechanic is used in the game? (So far, at least.) It seems like a distant call back.

  • Hi Ellen,

    You are right. It was difficult. Thank you Zeruis for the tip. Everything happens so fast and my screen resolution at full screen kept minimizing in full mode that it was difficult to see. I had to change my resolution to see everything and then I selected "2" at the end to pick up the wrench. I tried all kinds of different scenarios, but kept getting de-gutted. LOL Thanks again for getting me through that one guys.

  • Thank you Ellenflowers for posting this question.

    I was stuck in this same situation until the forum came to the rescue.

    I had tried for over your 50 times, more like a 100! (Well, I am 82 years old and my reflexes are not so good now).

    Now looking forward to Episode 4.

    Love this game.

  • I needed several times to pass that part, Just get the wrench quickly and strike one by one, Untill They die. That's all I have to say.

  • i didn't go for the wrench the first time and tried to fight them off by hand. oops i died.

    second time i backed up and grabbed the wrench and chose to hit the zombie on the right because he looked closer. then the other zombie, and it was over.

    are you using mouse and keyboard? maybe you want to change the sensitivity of the mouse?

    i find that even if i don't select the pick up immediately i still have time to grab the wrench and fend off the zombies, just don't take too long.

  • Real men box zombies down

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