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Chuck is Terry St. John

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I know everyone has been speculating that Chuck might be Terry St. John but there was one thing in Episode 3 that really kind of hinted that he is tied to to Save Lots bandits and the St. John's family for me. When talking to him at the front of the train he mentions something along the lines of "I don't mean to tell you how to do your job, but too many people have died already... and seeing another little girl die might just do me in.", and I couldn't help but think if this original girl that he is talking about is Jolene's daughter and that these many people who have died already are the ones that the St. John's have been preparing for meals. Think about it she was raped and kidnapped and he might have witnessed Jolene's daughter killed by the St. John's to be prepared for eating :eek:. This act of killing Jolene's daughter by the St. John's family might have been the driving force behind Chuck abandoning his original family the St. Johns. What do you guys think?? :confused:

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