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Abundance of False choices in conversations

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It seems like there are way too many conversation choice where the choice is immediately irrelevant and just there to add interactivity. I didn't mind the game choices that are there to convey futility, but this happens way too often to be about that and sometimes the choice is so irrelevant the characters dialogue immediately contradicts it.

I've no qualms with conversation that go by with input from the player, in fact there are a few such in the game already so telltale isn't adamantly against them, but when the choices feel forced or pointless it's just obnoxious. Please stop doing that, Telltale.

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  • I realized this too. I really want to remind Telltale of their claim: That this game is advertised as being shaped at how I play it.

    So why is it that this episode gets rid of the only greater choice-induced story difference already?

    In episode 1, we could either save Carley or Doug. And suddenly, both die at the very beginning of episode 3 because the plot demands for Lilly to lose it. Without any control by the player.

    OK, I get it. Bad stuff does happen to good people beyond their control all the time. Yet shouldn't the death of Carley/Doug only be one of multiple outcomes depending on how you talked to Lilly and the group before? At least we could have got a non-standard game-over when you took the blame for stealing the supplies.

    I want for this game to reflect my choices more. To really take them into account. Not just by stating that somebody will remember what I said. Which then often only results in a slightly different throw-away line that does not really change anything.

    I very much do want very different outcomes due to my choices.

    Instead, Telltale just hit the reset button, and nullified all my choices.

    It does not matter what I have chosen in the past, the remaining group is quite the same independent from my choices. This is not what I have signed up for :-(

    I do not want to decide if I or Kenny shoot Duck as long as the end result is the same. Instead, depending from my choices, it should be determined if Duck gets bitten in the first place!

    I get there are limits to branching off the game paths, as there is a huge development overhead for each branch, that grows exponentially with each further choice. And maybe Telltale does not want to make content that only 10% of their players will see. But that is exactly what I want! An almost individualized experience. I want to be able to talk with my friends about my play-through and want to have my mind blown about the differences, and not realize how rail-roaded the game is in the end.

    I would be willing to pay for such a game, double, tripple even. Even if it meant shorter play time for one play through. (Yet replayability would be high.) I cannot tell how much I want a game in which decisions really affect the story line. For me, it's something this medium could really excel at, but was only seldom tried. (The classic RPGs come to mind. The closest recent endeavor was The Witcher series, even with all those games' flaws. In the Witcher 2, the whole second chapter was completely different depending on one big choice. Mass Effect also had potential to greatness, but they blew it with the ending in the last one.)

    Right now, I expect the rail-roading of the storyline in TWD to continue. Only giving us choices that at best will determine how something but not what happens. And if we are lucky we will have a few multiple endings. (Please let there be multiple endings.)

    Yet I do not believe anymore that this game is shaped by how I play it. It simply is another game that gives the illusion of choice only to move forward in only one direction.

  • @Googolplexbyte said: No most conversation choices are fine, and there are plenty of them, I'm just annoyed when they add choices that don't do anything.

    Lots of games do this, Baldur's Gate comes running to mind.

  • @Ja1862 said: Um I think you have to read example given again bud, has nothing to do with the other characters not reacting to what Lee says just to move the story along (even though that does happen lots)

    Um, s/he said "At the beginning of ep. 3 when you see the girl you can immediately choose to ignore the girl, but it don't matter kenny will tell you that you have to consider doing precisely that."

    What am I missing?

  • Agreed. Many "choices" lead to the exact same response so why does it even matter at all? I'm thinking of the Lily/Carly scene. You'd think some pathway of responses would change the outcome but no. Telling her to stop or egging her on is the same in this game. WTF

  • Another real annoyance along the same line, is lee's reaction to Ben, you get 4 choices and they're all be a dick to Ben, I wanted to sympathise with him, not be an asshole. To make it worse, "Jesus, Ben" was a pretty benign looking response but nope, had to go back to the prior check point do bunch of stuff again. Ended up giving him the silent treatment, best I could do. To make worse if you try to keep talking to Ben lee get even more aggressive towards him. Goddamit!

    Also RedPanda if I give you 4 options that all said "push the button" but used slightly different flavour text that's not a choice. In fact that's down right deceitful.

  • @Xarne said: sound familiar?

    Nah, I think that's amusing where you have to say yes, but keep saying no over and over until they run out of ways to respond to it and you finally say yes.

    Like in Pokemon Conquest, at the first battle where someone wants to join your army and you can say no like 20 times and huge hilarious dialogue emerges.

  • Having played through 1 and 2 twice now I am beginning to wonder what difference things actually have except for someone to say "Hey thanks for the food" instead of "Damn you for not giving me food!" for instance

    Your actions really don't seem to have much impact, so far at least... and although I've only just got Ep 3 I'm already wondering about it, having glimpsed a few comments from others

  • The only game that did it correct was Dragon Age:Origins

  • @Ezrawa said: The only game that did it correct was Dragon Age:Origins

    The best BioWare RPG ever made.

  • Im thinking evryone wants the game to be like Heavy rain

    But im thinking Heavy rain budget was bigger and they could make different storylines for each Character with your actions as far as how you talk to people and the outcome of it.

    This game might be limited as what can be done and i respect that if its the case

    But i would love to see different outcomes fit my actions if possible. I dont wanna be an asshoe to Ben for example and he save me from zombies. Id rather see him leave me or if he do save me maybe he hesitates because hey Lee has been an asshoe to me.

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