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Limited Choices discussion (merged threads)

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I was a bit disappointed with the story choices. Reminded me of LA Noir, where most game choices are superficial. If you pick Shawn he still dies the same. Even if the other chosen character died(Doug or Carlie), the other said the same things. And no matter what I said nothing changed story points, like Larry shoving you down even if you side with him. Oh and with Glenn, if you hand the girl the gun he says how can you let people give up but if you refuse he says how can you deny someone's choice! The character's in the game should have the same convictions no matter what you choose, this is unacceptable character development.

Supposedly the choices of Episode 1 greatly affect how everyone views you though... I sure hope the following episodes prove more impressive with the choices, and I realllllly hope it branches out and expands more. For a 2hr game it should have a lot more possibilities.

I know it's only a $5 game, just please don't let me down.

Otherwise, the story itself was awesome, the gameplay is really good and the art style is incredible. Still the best TT game to date! Keep it up guys!

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  • @Zombies are Awesome! said: (at least i think you are mature)


  • thats a good representation, especially of Square Enix
    actually they're all pretty accurate

  • @Sonic Boyster said: One lasting consequence? So you're suggesting that Lee, Kenny, and the player all have Alzheimer.

    Yes I am. The characters actions in the game can not be influenced by anything you ever do or say. The freshest example is Lilly.
    If you side with her from Ep1-3 all the way, 100%, cpr her dad etc she will do the exact same as when you side AGAINST her 100%, help kill her dad etc. She will do the exact same (=kill Doug/Carley and kick you out of RV stealing it if you let her in).
    So yes, I am saying exactly that

    @Sonic Boyster said: You're suggesting that choosing to save Shawn over Duck isn't profound?

    Yes indeed. Shawn dies either way and Duck lives either way.

    @Sonic Boyster said: Or to teach a little girl how to use a gun and kill zombies?

    Except her teaching it is no choice, so doesn't belong in this thread. And she didn't learn it anyway as you can see in the trainstation

    The choices this game gives you are minor and not lasting. Again, the only decision that changed anything in the game so far was the hoodie of Clementine. All other decisions resultet in absolute no change whatsoever. You could play the game twice with always doing the exact opposite through all episodes and in both games you will end up in the same exact spot with the same exact people doing the same exact stuff. Except, again, in 1 game Clem might be wearing something different. And that guys, I do not count as profound choices nor affecting how the story plays out.

  • @Weili said: First, it's actually spelled sexually (with two L's) and dysfunctional. No I'm not a spelling nazi, just your average, educated American.

    I appreciate the correction, even when you only do it to show your superiority. To do so you call yourself an "average" educated american meaning that I'm lower than that. Of course, once again, your assumptions got the better of you: I'm american because I live in a continent called american but specifically I'm Argentinian, and english is not my native tongue. It's been a long time since I wrote in this language.

    @Weili said:
    There would be plenty of people who would complain about the inclusion of sex, including sexually dysfunctional people. Even though I know what you're trying to do, your argument is irrelevant because no one complained about the INCLUSION of sex. Heck, as you know very well yourself, there is not even ANY sex in TWD lol

    And there's plenty of people who would complain about the lack of sex. It makes the whole thing more unrealistic. And yes, you are complaining that some of us don't like the fact that there's no sex at all. It doesn't have to be explicit and crass, it can be implied.

    @Weili said:
    So don't try to turn attention away from your own problems, especially when you don't even have a leg to stand on.

    I didn't realize that I have problems at all, would you be so kind and enlight me?

    @Weili said: are you mature people (at least i think you are mature) really arguing about sex in a videogame? seriously?

    I like adaptations to be faithfull to their original material and besides it's only natural for humans to be humans. Quantic Dream's games usually have sex in an adult fashion. It's nothing wrong with that. Nobody would complain if this were a movie or a tv show, videogames are just another type of media.

  • @Weili said: Wah! I didn't get what I wanted!


    Did Telltale promise 1 episode per month?

  • @Sonic Boyster said: One lasting consequence? So you're suggesting that Lee, Kenny, and the player all have Alzheimer. You're suggesting that choosing to save Shawn over Duck isn't profound? Or to teach a little girl how to use a gun and kill zombies? How about leading her on or telling her that her parents are probably dead? Let me guess, none of that matters to you because you're playing a video game, right? Those are big story points, and if you honestly don't consider any of them meaningful enough to cite here, there's no way you'd find anything meaningful in a branching storyline either. All you're doing is taking words and inserting your own meaning into them to make the advertising sound wrong when it's actually spot on.

    Check out the interview here for a better explanation of the choices afforded to the player and what they represent, as well as how they affect the story and storytelling. Nobody here is promising you two branching games. It's about getting involved in the story. You never had any interest in the story, as you bought this game strictly so that you could feel important, and that isn't how it's built.

    Here's how 70% of the comments in this thread sound like:
    Who cares, maaan, they all die!!! They all die! My choices do not have an impact. I can't save Carley... grrrr... stupid game advertisement... grr... I CAN"T SAVE MY E-GIRLFRIEND... Grrr they lied!!! There are not choices... they all die... I'm not a hero.... bla bla bla.... I want a refund... bla bla bla

    Seriously, mate, at least I'm giving up on this discussion. People are not here to discuss, they here to whine.

  • In the preview of Episode 4 they show Clementine wearing the hoodie. Oh! Feels like TellTale Games had their own script of how they wanted it to go! Follow the real story of Lee Everett! Book coming out after all episodes are done! /sarcasm

    "Oh so that's how it's supposed to go, looks like I made all the wrong choices, Oh wait! What choices?! Everything happened to him the exact way it happened to me! He just talks different, hahahaha. I get it now"

  • You got people arguing left and right about how choices do/don't matter. With dialogue being a choice or not, and whatnot.

    Well here's how it goes down.

    Larry will always have a smashed head
    Kenny always ends up a broken mess
    Katjaa and Duck always die
    Carley/Doug always get shot
    Lilly will always leave/get left behind
    Clementine will always want to find her parents

    Nice or mean, Kenny will always drop that nice salt lick on his fat head.

    Your dialogue choices don't affect Kenny, because in the end whether he hates you or not, he gives you the look only a friend would give and says "Got to be honest with each other"

    Whether or not you talked to Kat/Duck or cared about them doesn't matter because he'll always be bit and shot and she'll always be suicidal

    Carley/Doug, saved whoever. Always shot.

    Whether or not you're nice/mean to Lilly she'll ditch you/you leave her

    Being nice or mean to Clementine, she's always going "I want to see my parents" and talk to the mystery creeper.


    You will always get kicked off the farm.
    You always end up in the fridge.
    You will always go to the Dairy.
    You will always fight Andy.
    You will always investigate whether or not you think Lilly's paranoid.

    The list can go on and on.

  • OP, who said that there wasn't sex in the game? Are you sure that Kenny and Katjaa do not do it in the RV? I'm perfectly okay to be in the dark about this. Go ask the developers if you care that much.

    Your problem is not the lack of sex in the game, it's your character's lack of sex that bothers you.
    Which brings us back to what Weili said:

    You can be physically 33, married and about to be a parent but still think and behave like... well, not.

    Also, next time before you decide to start a new thread, you can use the search engine to check whether there are such topic or not. Guess what, there is another absolutely identical thread. If you're not gonna do it for us, do it for the mods. Make it easier on them.

    @Awesoke said: Too many horny, young teenagers playing this game. Go outside and mingle. It's more fun, trust me.

    This sums it all up.

  • I've never seen it put like this before! Thanks for the fresh, original perspective! This really does deserve it's own thread! :)

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