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What did you tell Clementine the plan was?

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So... what did you do?

-"We need to help find a boat."

-"We should go out own way."

-"We should look for your parents."


I told her we should look for her parents. I would've probably told her that if I was in his position to comfort her even if it doesn't seem like the best plan.

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    we don't know they are alive or not
    so we need to find a boat and escape

  • @Sisterofshane said: I decided to tell her that we should look for her parents. Above all, I want her to be able to TRUST me, because if she doesn't, it might put her in more danger down the line when I need her to do something.

    I'm thinking it was the right call, especially now that I learned that she has been talking to Mr. Creep on her walkie-talkie. She needs to know that I care for her and what she wants, and it is very important to her that we at least TRY to reunite with her parents.

    I agree, thats pretty much what I went for. At this point, she is the only one (besides Lee) that I want to stay alive.

  • I gave her a bit of hope, said we should go look for ye parents.

  • Parents. I love clem, And I want her to see her parents once more.
    I know the father is dead though.

  • I said I'd help her find her parents.

    But truth be told, I'm kinda scared that we may actually find one or both of them alive and well. And if that happens, I don't know if I'll be able to give Clementine back. She's just too cool, y'know?

  • First time : Parents
    2nd time : We should go our own way.

  • I told her we should go our own way, the group IS falling apart. Though my first playthrough kenny is my bro, I told him how it is. I expect him to follow but I honestly think he will either flop because of his family dead or be close to lee. Ben,....I don't like very much and I don't expect the new two the hang around. Chuck....I have a feeling he will not be around for long, I just met the guy too and my character has been through a lot, especially loosing the only love interest he had post ZA.

    I told clem that MAYBE we'll stop by and find her parents but honestly,I'm pretty sure her dad is a zombie and her mom has probably been raped by that guy on the radio, and tortured to a point that she will be easily turned and probably be eaten by her zombified dad, who the creepo makes happen in front of clem just to screw with her.

    OR that she was bitten prior and LEE tells clem to get away from her mother(she's been bit with no medical attention and is slowly dying, duh!)which creates huge drama as clem seems confused and lost of the situation because she just found her mother in a sick state but you know what, she's 8 and she found her mom at last why would she leave her side especially being in a sickened state! She is in neglect and as lee you have to convince her to leave her mom's side before she turns or hell shoot her point blank, and you can't leave the area BECAUSE you were locked up in the house/gated part. Which is what makes lee probably yell out, "YOU COME BACK HERE AND I WILL KILL YOU, YOU HERE ME!"

    Anyways I'm just theorizing and rambling off in the end but meh, thats my response.

  • Find A Boat, then I told her that her parents are dead!!

  • @Rock114 said: I said boat, but then she told me she didn't care about safety. So then I told her we'll look for a little bit but the boat was the PRIORITY.

    Ditto on what I did.

  • @mukhlisz said: i told her we'd find a boat and that her parents are dead. I felt SOOO bad when she started crying... :-S


    @mukhlisz said: BTW, if you try and tell Clem not to tell her parents about Lee's past, she says "You can't tell me what to do." I'm curious how my decisions may have impacted this---would like to hear others.

    I was a little confused on that. I didn't know if she was taling about telling her folks (walkie talkie) about the newly made plans or if it was telling her folks (when she actually met them) about his past

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