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Team Lily to the end (appreciation thread)

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I guess I may be the only one here who would still support Lily if she shows up at some future point in time.
I appreciate her leadership skills, her selflessness (having to make all those little decisions is really difficult) and her reasoning. She tried to keep this group together, she did her very best but some other Kenny always tried to have it their way, always consider what's only best for his family.
I think we all agree it was difficult giving the rations the first time in episode two. We got a glimpse of what she has to do every day. People hated us for those choices, so they hate her even more for having to do it every day. But there's no one else who would do it.

She was still pretty reasonable until Kenny murdered her father. People can complain that he saved them and all that crap... but you couldn't have known for sure and that's the truth. He overreacted and again being the selfish asshole he is, he did the easiest choice for him. Eliminate the enemy and undermine the leader's authority.

In episode 3 we see things haven't changed. Lily is still the only one to really tries to protect the group. Lee, of course, helps always and as much as he can, but others like Kenny... they didn't even feel bad for what they did in episode 2. Kenny ruined this group and yet he still wanted things to go his way. He kept pushing Lily without really doing anything for the group. He was determined to abandon all.
Carley... she didn't really do anything. She could've stepped in and helped Lily when she saw she was about to snap... but she didn't. The only thing she actually did was tease Lee, look cute, and avoid participation in almost every important discussion. The downfall in episode 3 is partially her fault as well.
When the bandits attacked the group it was again Lily that came to the rescue to a group that hated her. Kenny wouldn't swallow my disrespect for him and actually tried to get me killed too many times in this episode.
Ben... and Kenny really started a chain reaction. With both their stupidity combined they managed to indirectly kill Carley, Katjaa and Duck as well destroy the group from within.
Both cowards and both DUBM as a bag of hammers.
I would so love to see them gone in episode 4 & 5. I don't need stupid people in my group, people who know nothing about responsibility or humanity.

It was sad to see Lily snap but I guess there is a line as to where a person can take it. In the end of the day I'm sure she'll regret her choices and will eventually learn from them. She kills Lorry cause she believes they are threatening her group. When she sees how wrong she was she offs the Governor. That's a pretty redeeming deed in my book, one that clearly shows she actually develops.

I would certainly love to see more of her in future episodes/seasons.

So, am I the only one? :D Even if I am, I will still be defending this position to the end :P

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  • Lilly's a great character. My second fav (Carley being first)

    It's just a shame she went a little batshit crazy for a short time and suffered a bad case of "I'MGONNAMURDERYOUCARLEY!!!"....

    My only real regret, is that I wish they had waited for Episode 4 to ditch those four.....

  • Well, I like Lilly's personality as well. I think she was a great leader to an unworthy group.

  • I think if the situation were a little more stable (I mean, how the hell can you really keep it together in a ZA?) she'd have been the perfect leader.

  • @DreadMagus said: I think if the situation were a little more stable (I mean, how the hell can you really keep it together in a ZA?) she'd have been the perfect leader.

    Yeah, I agree. She had what one needs in order to be a great leader. However, the group somehow didn't help. They watched how Lilly and Kenny would argue all the time without really trying to find some sort of permanent solution. I knew things wouldn't last long enough after the meat locker scene. Something bad was bound to happen and the only way to avoid it was if the group split into smaller once right after ep. 2.

  • @YamiRaziel said: Well, I like Lilly's personality as well. I think she was a great leader to an unworthy group.

    That's just suggesting that everyone in any ZA group should all be comprised of people who only care about living.

    There's no way Lilly can redeem herself at all. If this is the past, she killed a member of a group because she's unstable.

    Then in the future she kills Lori and Judith and follows under a sociopath dictator. Shooting the Governor doesn't redeem anything of what she did.

    She was unstable that her dad died, and went paranoid and killed someone because of it. Then she's obviously still not in her right mind following someone like the Governor, and then you think she's going to stabilize after murdering a baby? Not happening, not in any world I know unless she enjoys killing like a sociopath.

  • Is anyone in that settings hands clean?

  • Ep1
    Lilly /Larry had control of the group. She's the brain he's the brawn
    2 males, a bleeding boy and his mother come charging in.
    You dont even make introductions and her authority is challenged with Duck.
    Kenny immediately starts throwing his 'I have a family to protect' weight around and apparently assumes command.
    Group rules no one into our compound
    In comes Lee/Kenny and 3 stangers (unforseeable; but could be seen as a breach of rules by Lily).
    Stress of rationing food is on her mind.
    The 2 men who she didnt even want into the group kill her father (whether you help or not, thats how she sees it)
    Now she's a female in charge of a group with 2 able bodied men, one is clearly fighting her for the leaders's spot. And she's all alone.
    On top of everything else; she suspects a traitor
    'that bitch' who wont listen to her commands from Ep1 is now mouthing off to her.
    Kenny has a smart remark for every decision she makes for the group (Ben on watch)
    Now on top of it all, the traitor has brought the bandits right to their doorstep and caught them totally off guard-everything she was thinking is confirmed;
    'no one is listening to me; we're getting lazy; this kinda shit is gonna get us all killed; we need to nip this in the bud and make an example' type thinking is probably boiling through her

    Now granted, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Lily doesnt even know what honey is. She's military; she doesnt deal in small talk and civility; she expects people to follow orders (probably like she's used to). But her shining trait is that she was GROUP-oriented, unlike Kenny who wouldnt think twice turning tail and leaving them all to die as long as his family is alive.
    Kenny's constant smart remarks, heard within group range and always in Lee's ear totally undermined her efforts of unifying the group under her command.

  • She's military but she wasn't exactly a soldier. Put a group of strangers with polar personalities on their survival grind in a group together and there will be trouble. How long had they been holding out in the drug store again? A day? A few days? She and her dad instantly decided that the life of others are worth jack shit. How many hours does it take to lose your humanity and go bananas? You'd think a few more than just a couple. They say Lee and the others are just a bunch of strangers and are not to be trusted but they were all strangers and she was trying to boss them and make very harsh decisions for them. How could you ever just expect and order someone to let two families just die right in front of them?

  • you'd be surprised what humans are capable when they're in survival mode

  • I really don't think she's a good leader. At all. I think she only designated herself as "leader" because she wanted power over others. And then, when she murders (and I stress that word) Carley and realizes that she doesn't have that power anymore, she shows her true colors.

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