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[SPOILERS]So... what do you think is gonna happen to Kenny?

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I'm pretty sure I didn't see a thread like this about Kenny (most are about Carley and Ben), so I was wondering, what do you people think is gonna happen to Kenny from now on?

I mean, the man just lost what was the most important thing to him. All the choices he ever made, he had his family's safety in mind, and now they're gone.
I've seen people saying he might commit suicide, but really, that would make it an overplayed card in the game, and although he is fairly depressed, Kenny doesn't strike me as the kind of man who would just kill himself... but I'm pretty sure that since he has nothing left to live for, he is gonna do something stupid.

Some people have said that Kenny might snap at Ben if the latter tells him what he did, and I can actually see that happening. If it came to that, though, I'd have to try and calm him down, and if it became worse, I'd have to take Ben's side, because I don't wanna see that kid dying anytime soon, don't want Doug's sacrifice to be in vain...

Personally, I think Kenny will stick around for a while, even though he's probably gonna do something that might jeopardize him or the group...

So... thoughts, speculations? C'mon people, this is my first thread =]

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