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The walking dead ios episode 2 won't download

posted by yellowrazor on - last edited - Viewed by 13.8K users

yesterday i bought the second episode but everytime i start the download it is just going to quit after a while and throw me the message wich says that i have lost my connection.
but when i go back to my homescreen i have full wifi connection.

i even had the game quit downloading at stupid moments like
it is anoying and i just can't download episode 2.

this is probably a problem with my phone or the wifi connection here.
but if anyone can help me i would really appreciate it
i'm using a iphone 4s

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  • I'm having the exact same problem. Just to confirm, redownloading and reinstalling the app did not fix the issue for me. Exact same problem persists. I have checked wifi connection, cleared memory, cleared some room (just in case though I have 10GB free now, so that's not it) and rebooted iPad. None of these fix the problem.

    To other posters, if you select purchase again, having already bought the episode (or bundle) app store will ask you to purchase but if you confirm it will then pop up with a message to say that you have already purchased and can download the content for free. You can't and won't be charged twice so don't worry :)

    We need Telltale to offer a solution here, have tried absolutely everything on my end. Recent app reviews in the app store are all saying they're having issues so it seems to be a common problem... Looks pretty bad for telltale across all platforms though by the looks of this forum. Surely it isn't that hard to make an app such as this work, given their experience in episodic story games!

  • Strangely, after a couple of days of trying, with no luck and much frustration, tried again today and it worked straight away. I'm not sure whether telltale have made any changes their end but I'd recommend trying again. Let's just hope this doesn't happen with episodes 3-5!

  • Telltale, please let us know you're working to fix this!?

    4 days, 20+ attempts and still I cannot download this game on my iPad, this is really frustrating.
    I've tried shutting down and rebooting, adjusted settings to stop my iPad sleeping, switched between apps whilst it's downloading, stood next to my router, (even though I know this isn't the problem) but never got beyond 50% before 'connection lost' message pops up.
    I really regret buying all episodes in good faith now with all the time this is taking up. Has anyone managed to get a refund from Telltale? Or got any response from them to this problem?

  • Hi, i'm from Chile and i have the same problem with the episode 2 , just stop in 95.5 !
    It's so stupid and anoying. Please someone help us.
    I've got iPad 3 ...
    Sorry for my bad english

  • so after i don't know how long, it finally downloaded it :D

    if you have this problem you should just keep trying to download it a couple of times a day and hope it will download it.

    and i hope, they will have this fixed by the time they release ep3.

  • I have tried countless times to download episode 2 from my ipad but never succeed. Tried re-download and re-install but did not work at all.

    Telltale PLEASE OFFER A SOLUTION!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

  • So I got it working, played a few mins into the 2nd episode and then dropped my ipad and cracked my screen. Got new ipad but the 2nd ep didn't transfer over so now I have save game in ep 2 (had to play through ep 1 again!) and can't download the thing again.

    This is ballz, surely whatever the problem is, is one coder for one afternoon or one sys admin for 15 minutes. Why on earth wouldn't they fix this on release?

  • it only gets up to 3% for me and its sooo annoyed. I promise you it is now my 30th attempt!

  • I have been trying to download the second episode for a week since I bought the game but can never be more than 63%.

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee at least put a "resume download" option so I don't have to start all over again.

  • Same problem here. Tried several times during the past three days using different WLAN connections, but I never get more than 2%.

    Is there no help or support from Telltale???

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