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How Could Things Possibly Get Worse?

posted by Red Panda on - last edited - Viewed by 291 users

Ep. 4 & 5 are supposed to be as bad, or worse, but I'm wondering how.

From the preview, nothing excites me.

After seeing all the characters I care about gone, except Clem, I'm a lot more jaded than before.

I could care less if Omid dies of an infection or Christa offs herself.

Chuck? Pfft!

The mysterious man really isn't that scary. I mean, take the damn walkie talkie and all ties are cut.

In this dangerous world, why would I bother looking for him?

Clem will just have to not see her parents. They're probably dead. She has to deal with it.

But all that said, I'm guessing Clem with be kidnapped or something. What else could match the death of Carley and the others?

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  • [paranoia]I'm so suspicious of everyone right now except for Ben. That's where they're going to get us. He's going to try and hurt Clem. right when we least suspect it [/paranoia]

  • @CapnJay said: [paranoia]I'm so suspicious of everyone right now except for Ben. That's where they're going to get us. He's going to try and hurt Clem. right when we least suspect it [/paranoia]

    you can tell Clementine to be careful of ben

  • they could cancel the series after Ep4

  • @CapnJay said: I don't think theres a single character who is totally blameless in the walking dead game by now. Even *SNIFFLE* The Queen. WHYYYYYYYYY WHY QUEEN WHY DID YOU TALK TO THE EVIL MAN AND NOT TELL US?

    Well, Lee is (or can be). Katjaa and Carley/Doug too.

  • @Lars80 said: Agree.
    I dont care for the new people.
    I stopped caring for Kenny in episode 2.
    Ben is useless and annoying.
    I stopped caring for Lilly when she shot Carley, so 2 flies in 1 there.

    Katjaa... Duck....

    As for Christa and Omid.... Yawn. I have no idea who they are as i didnt pay attention when they came along.

    It's a pity. This game had potential, despite being very linear. But when you kill every character its pretty much like starting over and i dont feel like it. Maybe in a month or two, but it will be like starting over as everything that happen up to this point doesnt matter anymore.

    The tv series pushed the line when they killed Dale, Shane. Im sure if they had killed Daryl, Andrea and so on they would have lost a huge fanbase in the process.
    I think that might have been what Telltale just did.

    Andrea was more popular than Shane?

  • It be nice if they threw a curve-ball into the mix, like something happens that may or may not have triggered/activated the virus in Lee. And even though we're not sure of his status, his health is going and as bad as it is- it seems different than what happened to Duck.

    The possibilities with this are vast, fighting to stay in the group and trying to keep the groups trust and faith while at the same time, trying to figure out what to do should you die because you don't want clem to be alone, while at the same time trying to find a way to keep yourself alive or stay healthy long enough to achieve what little you can with the time you have left. And if possible, cure yourself as unlikely as it may seem at the time. It would be fresh and it would be cool.

    But seeing how chapter 3 showed us that our choices don;t matter and so forth, this turn of events would be a waste.

  • I think it would be pretty surprising if they killed off Clementine in episode 4, or at least made it possible. That would be pretty cool, right guys? I can't think of anything more surprising.

    Tell me I'm right! You're a genius, Jabba!

  • @JabbaDaHuttX7 said: Andrea was more popular than Shane?

    {Off Topic}
    here in Brazil, 95% of people wanted Shane death. (I do not): D

    I doubt somehow that episode makes me feel sad In my group the only ones that I care about are Clem and Kenny, but if Kenny die, I will not be surprised.

  • @FoxxyFox said: But Shane is like the Lilly in this game... also in a game like this, we need a troublemaker and Lilly was that part. You can love or hate her...

    I dont agree.
    I thought Lilly was reasonable up untill she shot Carley in the cheek.

  • @JabbaDaHuttX7 said: Andrea was more popular than Shane?

    I think Andrea grew in season 2.
    While Shane became more and more hated. What Shane did to Otiz is unforgivable.

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