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Why did they kill........?

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Carley? :(

Was it Drama?

Was it planned from the beginning?

Was it budget cuts?

Was it a short straw draw by the VAs?

Who would really know this answer?

Do we really want to know the answer?

Personally, I think the entire story was set in stone before they even started coding.

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  • @Zeruis said: The reason why I hate the comics :rolleyes:. You can never get truly attached to a character, because they can always die in the next issue or something. This is giving me second thoughts about Clem.

    The problem is that you forget one big thing: the comic is primarily about Rick. Yes we love a lot of the side characters, but in the end Rick is the person who is affected the most by the big events. It is about how he specifically changes in the face of tragedy and trial. The other characters can grow and play large roles, but Rick will always be the default main character. It is exploring his depths, his priorities, his reactions and his changes. It is about pushing him to see how much he can handle before he breaks or some immense silver lining comes at the end.

    The same is true in the game. No matter how attached we are to the side characters, Lee is the main character. The story is about how he personally is affected by things.

    This adds tension to the plot. Because a character can be killed without fanfare, you really care about who lives and dies. It adds legitimate dread to the experience, giving the impression no one is actually safe. They are actually trying to create a zombie apocalypse tone.

    It is also great character writing. What happens is intrinsically tied to how a character reacts to it. If you don't have them together, you do not have drama. It speaks about the character's feelings, morals and reasoning.

    I think you are looking at the comic at the wrong angle. If you wanted just zombie slaying fun where the main characters are in no real danger, Resident Evil is a better outlet. It doesn't make Resident Evil bad, but it means you may have expected something different.

  • @Master of Aeons said: I think it's necessary to humanity to have a time to mourn, but there is seldom time. In the comic, there is only one death with appropriate mourning. I won't say whose, but readers already know.

    Hm...I think there was much more than one. They may not have done full fledged tributes of mourning like they did for the character I am sure you are talking about, but people do react and respond to the tragedies when characters die.

  • Carley/Doug aet in stone from the beginning, done because it was cheap (money wise) and it was easy (work wise and drama wise). They could have done it better, and they could have even had Doug and Carley die at different times/points of the story. But they didn't, and that's what people are upset about.

    Some people are fine with half-assed work, pay attention and you see them repeatedly defending the half-assedness every chance they get. Other people want their moneys worth and know when they are getting a half-assed product. Which is why they exercise their rights as purchasers and let TTG know what they think on an almost daily basis.

  • Well, Kirkman always said that once a character outlives his worth... he's usually done with it. :p

  • He really says that? Hope I don't get stuck in his group when the ZA hits.

  • He also said he's commiting suicide first signs of the apocalypse, don't worry Rock114.

  • He says that some are planned far in advance, other kills are spontaneous choices to simulate the chaos of life. Tyreese and other major characters are probably the first, minor characters are the latter.

  • @Gman5852 said: Being shot in the cheak does not mean she lives. That is still fatal


  • @YamiRaziel said: Well, Kirkman always said that once a character outlives his worth... he's usually done with it. :p

    Damn, Lilly sounds like his kinda girl.

  • I think its a mid season blow out, out with the old in with the new.

    I story in a Zompox isn't sunshine and rainbows and now Lee knows this, possible LI Carley, I think your a Great Guy Doug, Little Robin Duck, and Mother Hen Katjaa all gone.

    So who can Lee turn to, Broken Ben, Un-Urban Kenny, or the new guys an gal who are an unknown

    So to answer your question I think it was planned as so many people thought Douly/Carug would survive

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