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[Possible Spoilers] I wonder about radio guy...

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Everyone seems to have tagged him as a bad guy, right off the bat (Save for a few, questioning people), but it's been boggling the crap out of me as to who he really is. As with the wait time between games, all I'm left to do is ponder, wonder and speculate about the game while I wait for the next episode to come out. I've come up with three possible scenarios about the guy we hear on the radio. Now, some are based on other peoples' conclusions, masses of conclusions and my own theories. I'd like to hear your theories on it, as well...

Have you ever considered:

1.) Radio guy is actually a good guy? Yeah, like Lee. Trying to save Clementine and assuming you're the bad guy?

2.) He's a friend of the family?

3.) He IS family?

Think about it. Clementine stated that her parents went to Savannah before, and stayed in the same place. What if this guy knew her parents, in some way? Maybe he was a work colleague, or family/friend they had over there. Maybe they befriended the inn keeper? If he got in contact with Clemmy, he'd want to try and get her to safety. Since she's already traveling, all he had to do was convince her to go to him (He does look old, after all, and probably doesn't have much spring in his step. Though, he sure runs really fast).

Now, I know there's a lot of loopholes in those theories, but hear me out.

1.) Clemmy lied about the radio. Clementine is a smart girl, and probably wouldn't fall for the lies of a complete stranger, but... what if she knew who he was? If she knew the person, prior (She stated she stayed at the Marsh House before, too), she'd be more prone to believe what they were telling her (Lee's a bad guy, I'm trying to keep you safe so you need to listen, etc.). If a stranger tried to convince her of going, she'd probably be more opted to inform Lee. Thus, the secrecy. :O

2.) It's been implied Clem's radio can communicate LONG distances. Maybe the guy has a booster tower, or has another radio. After all, most people know that handheld radios can receive transmissions from other radios, if on the right frequency. Another thought is, what if Clemmy's parents had more than one radio (One for the house, one for the car, etc.)? This guy could have one, or lifted one off of her parents.

3.) He implies her parents are alive. Well, if he's a good guy, he might be telling the truth. If not, he may have kidnapped them, or is holding them hostage. Heck, he might be telling the truth when he says they're "Right here" (Implying that her parents are next to him), as in he stumbled onto their dead bodies, and found said radio, or some information they carried that lead him to Clem (This one's the biggest stretch, so far, in my opinion).

I wonder if this is just a big misunderstanding due to lack of information on our part. :confused: If it is, maybe this is where Clem shoots Lee (I'm still leaning toward that, if you've read my other posts). One never knows.

What do ya'll think? :)

P.S. If this post already exists, my mistake. I just haven't seen it yet. If it does, indeed, exist, please delete it or merge it. This post is just based on theory, and probably doesn't mean a hill of crap. Be nice when posting. :P

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