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How would you have handled the situation?

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All of this back and forth about Ben, Carley, Doug, Lilly, Kenny, and a partridge in a pear tree has got me thinking.

So let's do a little "what if" exercise...

You're with the Macon survivors; you, not Lee Everett. Poor Lee died in a car wreck and is a pathetic, handcuffed zombie behind Clem's house. You on the other hand happened to take his place when you saw a scared little girl climb into a tree house.

Why were you in Atlanta? Doesn't matter and isn't part of this. Also - because you're more awesome than Lee (he's just a video game character after all) you managed to save both Carley and Doug - though Shawn is still screwed.

All situations are more or less the same. Larry dies at the farm, you may or may not have popped a cap in the St Johns (it all happened so fast, after all) - but here you are on the road after someone LET BANDITS into your HOME because of a BOTCHED DRUG TRADE and now you and the group are ON THE RUN.

The RV hits poor Mr Zed, Lilly is having her freak out, everyone is outside.

"You're just a scared little girl, get the fuck over it."
Kenny removes a Mr Zed from the RV and kills him... Poor Mr Zed.
Lilly removes her precious.
Everyone turns to look at her.

She stops, seeing your gaze on her. Everyone looks at her as if she's gone crazy. She looks at the gun - gets a grip - and then forces it onto you.

"We've a traitor here, and it needs to be handled. You people think this job is so easy? YOU DO IT!"

You have the gun.

Everyone is looking at you.

What do you do?


Disclaimer - This might belong in general, I dunno, but it deals with situations from the newest episode, so I'm putting it here.

I'll hold off on picking for now... though I know what I'd do.

Try to put some thought into it - it's not a decision one should make on a whim... Lilly did that, and we all saw what happened....:eek:

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