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Carly/Doug [Episode 3]

posted by Dwarvster on - last edited - Viewed by 3.4K users

I feel that the game is very misleading as basically what you say and do will change the outcome of every event/scene that comes about. There must have been a way to save her. Some how to persuade Ben. There must be something or the whole point of what you choose will effect the outcome is a complete bs stunt for buyers.

Put out a DLC or update the game so it is possible to save this character. It would end a lot of arguing and disappointment among these gamers. Thank you.

Doing that would basically tell us gamers/ Walking Dead fans that you as a company actually care about the product and it's consumers. Respect and gratitude will come from this!

Just please let that crucial moment be altered so we can choose the fate of her/him.

Now that that's out there. What do you guys think about the matter?

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