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Spoilers! Brenda Glitch

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After a long wait for episode 2 of The Walking Dead, near the end i find out i cant finish it because There is no option for Brenda when she takes Kennys Wife hostage. Does anyone know a way to fix this glitch? I go through the door and when i walk forward i get shot and there is no option to talk or anything.

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  • cam studio doesn't allow anything less than 1ms a frame lol

    and fucked if i know why the sound from the game doesn't work, will try another prog and see what happens.

    also i can up the quality but of course that makes the file bigger ;)

    how do i sound ? lol

  • Hopefully this helps; if not, I'm just adding to the chaos. :D

    I play the PS3 version, killed both brothers, and told her I was Danny when entering. She capped me dead the first time.

    The second time, I simply eased in there (starting back up after I'd made my announcement speech)-- hovering the cursor on both characters and opting to "talk" to whichever one would let me. As I noticed her take a step backwards my son noticed a walker at the top of the stairs. I repeated the "ease forward/talk" method until this crazy woman became dinner for a zombie.

    Best advice: use that "talk" feature during this sequence and don't make hasty moves forward. ;)

  • you mean the 'talk feature' that is on katjaa and only turns up when brenda is pointing the gun at you...after you've moved close enough...

  • guys!
    i find the way
    if you moving the mouse after she told you to stop, she will shot you! every time she begin talking, dont touch the mouse and keyboard

  • @darkstreet said: guys!
    i find the way
    if you moving the mouse after she told you to stop, she will shot you! every time she begin talking, dont touch the mouse and keyboard

    did you watch my vid? i am clearly moving the mouse while she points the gun at you is wrong. your welcome ;)

  • I've never had a problem with her shooting me. If you move the mouse or on PS3 the reticle over her you have the option to talk to her. Once you speak to her she will back up the steps and warn you that she's going to shoot. Don't walk forward and talk to her again. Do that like three times and she gets munched on by the legless walker.

    Like Save Doug

  • I did experience the exact same glitch on Xbox360 after
    - having killed Billy
    - having identified as Lee

    All went fine for the first two "don't move"+"question" sequences, but at the third time she shot me anyway. So I knew exactly how to do it, but for a dozen times I failed.

    Solved with the youtube video hint: when she points the gun at me the third time, I immediately paused the game, then resumed, and I got the hotspot for the third and final dialogue.

  • @Ted E. Bear said: I did experience the exact same glitch on Xbox360 after
    - having killed danny..
    - having identified as Lee


    fixed :P

  • Alright, so after reading through all of the arrogant posts about this obvious GLITCH being user based and telling us that we need to stop, I thought i'd make an account to post.

    I am playing on the PC and I too have encountered this exact same glitch, I choose to kill Danny and when going towards the house I told Brenda I left him in the barn. Once going through the door I started TAPPING the W key ever so slightly for TEN MINUTES and got to the point where Brenda points the gun towards me and yells "Stop"... I STOPPED DEAD, I DID NOT PRESS ANY OTHER KEY, and no dialogue popped up, I was NOT able to interact with Brenda in any way, including where the interaction option should be (her stomach) a there was not even a pause when I stopped to search for the interaction hotspot, I even turned on the help "buttons" that shows you the hotspots but none showed up. Just after a split second of stopping she immediately shoots me.

    For those that have not experienced the obvious glitch and think it is due to the player, please wind your fucking neck in. We are more than capable of knowing what the word STOP means, we are NOT stupid, you are just ignorant due to the game working fine for you. I have beaten this episode before, along with the episode 3, but due to getting a new upgrade for my computer I had to start all over again and still encountered this glitch.

    I got past this glitch by choosing NOT to kill Danny in the barn and choose to say directly that it was me coming up to the door and was able to get past this situation without any issue.

    So in conclusion I feel that when you kill Danny and say you have either left him in the barn or pretend to be him, it glitches out on that part.

  • @holeydonut said: My right-stick cursor is planted on her forehead. I am not a gamer who relies on "inverted" mouse to be effective.

    I've just played this scene, her 'Talk' option isn't on her forehead, it's around the stomach area.

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