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Why telltale ?

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Hello there everyone. I'm Gabriel

As you might know Episode 3 has been released for the PS3 (finaly in EU too)
I didnt had a problem with the delay but.. with the episode it self
Its hella buggy and we dont get trough the game.. Sometimes the sight is somewhere it isnt supposed to be.. after talking to clementine about some stuff (wont spoiler) the sights been outside, we didnt know what we were doing IN the train.. we saw it moving.. but we couldnt see/do anything about that.
So far so good we overcame that obstacle. But then, talking about something again.. we couldnt do anything to progress further.. we couldnt get trough any doors nor talk to people. Its REALLY annoying, and I wanted to ask why the hell is it as it is ? Is it going to be fixed ? Soon I hope. If not I would wish never to have bought that game.

Did you met any of those bugs ? Gabriel.

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