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Why do people want "Season 2" to be Lee and Clementine still?

posted by jangjangchang on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users

Do you not see the writing and original characters they had in these episodes so far? Wouldn't you want new characters and a awesome new scenario?

Why drag on the same story for so long that it's dead and no good anymore? I can see you wanting it now but when it's released I wouldn't be surprised to see 100s of people here whining.

I think Lee has had a long road and deserves a epic ending for episode 5.

Also remember this IS The Walking Dead you can't expect a "Lee AND Clementine" if they will even be in season 2.

Come on wouldn't it be awesome to see other comic characters? Morgan and Duane after him and Rick split up. Fight side by side with Sgt. Abraham?

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