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What are video games you would like to see re-released

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We all have that one certain video game we have heard about and have always wanted to play it. or an old game that doesn’t work but you cant find anywhere else because its hard to find. So the only resort is to either buy it super expensive off of ebay or have to download it on your computer. what are games that you would like to see re-released to the public for modern consoles or computers? The game has to be a title that is from the past(like 90’s and 80’s for instance) that has been released and once the release is over is hasn’t been seen from the public again. Name the game, and give a reason why you want it re-released(other than reliving old nostalgic memories of the game).

Attack of the mutant- I don’t know if there are any goosebumps fans on here, but this was a game that surely gave me the goosebumps. This game has been noted for being one of the first video games to use Cel-shaded graphics. I have always wanted to see this game re-released since its one of the known goosebumps stories, as well as being a fun game. whoever owns the rights to this game needs to re-release it as well as add a few new things to make the game longer. That would be sweet.

Leisure Suit Larry Love for sail- one of the reasons why I loved the leisure suit larry series was its cartoon like feel, as well as its jazz soundtrack. Love for sail was one of the first games that I saw using hand-drawn animation to create an environment for Larry. It suits rather well since there are not a whole lot of video games these days that have 2D cartoon like graphics. I know that the first larry game is being remade as we speak, but I hope it does well enough to convince Al to re-release the other Larry games(even getting Lust in space back in development).

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