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What Endings are Possible for Episode 5?

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Since we know that the choices you're making will have only a very limited effect, allowing only for last minute changes, how can TTG nonethess try to generate different endings based on some of the choices you've made?

In another thread.... @TheWildcard said: I see this game branching....But in the last episode. I figure they will take one of two routes for the split...

1 They will simply have a number of decisions that split the game at that point regardless of what you have done previously.

2 They will pretend to make your choices matter by tallying up your choices and grading them. This will create branches for "you are a jerk", "you just let things happen around you", "you tried to play hero", and so on.

Some combination of these two seems inevitable, although adding in the way Deus Ex handled its ending would be just fine, where depending on what you emphasized, you closed with one of three 45 second cutscenes. With TWD game they could sum mathematically, and would end things on the order of:

a) "Your inability to make clearcut moral choices results in Clem's death. The St. Johns have been following you at a distance and your decision not the kill them in E2 allow them to take their ultimate revenge. You will forever carry your sorrow, alone, into the sunset of the ZA."

b) "Your attempts to shield Clem from the realities of the ZA have rendered her unable to recognize danger and fully defend herself. As a result she has just been bitten a zombie and your choices are now to i) shoot her, or ii) watch her turn."

c) "Your willingness to show Clem exactly what it takes to survive allows her to kill the final zombie on the dock and let both of you escape safely to sea. Bravo!"

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