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  • @KarmaRocketX said: Long Explanation for the delay.

    Clapclapclapclapclap. :D

  • it's certainly true that i'd rather a perfect game later then have an incomplete game now. but still, i would've liked it to come out it june, so i could play on my birthday. (which is today btw)

  • Er...Happy Birthday? :D

  • Um... Happy Belated Birthday?

  • I have 900 points sitting on my Wii Shop Channel just waiting to get the first episode. Don't make me get F-Zero instead guys!

  • @KarmaRocketX said: Well, I stand by Telltale. They want this game out as much as anyone else does

    (this quote has been shortened for my attention span problem)

    Just to tell yah, when I run for president, I'm gonna need your phone number.

    I don't really care that it's gonna come out in july, just please make it EARLY July.

  • @CKcheeseboy said:
    ...Although I think we can all agree that if Episode 1 gets delayed as much as Zelda: Twilight Princess (a year and a half), we have a good reason to riot.

    Imagine me, I reserved that 5 mo. in advance(before the first big postponement that became 18 mo.). The only good that came of that wait was the game and a severe respect for patient people. I adore H*R, and while I am irked I am also happy. Telltale had the guts to actually tell us it was postponed, because they sought to avoid the 300 "Where's SBCG4AP" threads that would have been created. It takes a big man to admit that they were wrong about what they expected, June was probably an impossibility with the sheer amount of awesome that has to be digitized (man is used figuratively, no sexism intended, I assure you).

    I blame Nintendo for the delay.

  • If Nintendo decides to delay the release of the Wii version of SPCG4AP, will you guys delay the release of the PC version accordingly, or will you just release it when you're good and ready, regardless of when Nintendo decides to put the Wii version on WiiWare?

    Edit: I just read an article comment on Kotaku that theorizes that Nintendo told you guys that the game's Wii release is getting pushed back and that they won't tell you how far. As long as you guys spend this time productively, which is what you've said you'll do, that's okay with me, but if this is true and the delay keeps going on, you should consider formulating a new strategy involving releasing the PC versions before the Wii versions.

  • @Article comment said: Nintendo probably told 'em 'you're not getting released this month', they asked when, Nintendo said 'we can't tell you that'.

    Comments that start with probably are probably just crazy speculations. :p

    Still that's a good question.. If the unforeseen happens and either version gets delayed, will Telltale maintain a simultaneous release?

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