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I think I broke the game by being too neutral

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So, just for giggles, I've been doing a run where I make as little decisions as possible. I always respond with "..." whenever possible, and when I have to do something like decide which character to save, I pick neither (unless that ends up killing me, like with Doug/Carley).

This has ended up with some oddities, however.

For example, I saved neither Duck nor Shawn. Kenny rushes in and saves Duck, and Shawn begs me to help him. I don't, for the sake of curiosity, and Hershel blames me and I get the dirty look from Kenny, and so on. After that, though, it's like I saved Duck. Kenny never brings it up that I left him (though he is angry at me for not calling Larry out at the pharmacy), and the statistics at the end said I saved Duck.

It really got weird, however, when it came time to decide Larry's fate. If you don't make a decisions before the time runs out, Kenny pushes you down and smashes Larry's head in. The rest of the episode proceeds as if I had tried to help Lilly revive him - Kenny acts like a dick, Lilly saves me a few times, etc. I assumed at this point that I had, for all intents and purposes, tried to save Larry.

And then the statistics come up: "You and 31% of players helped kill Larry!"

I got a chuckle out of this, but assumed that it was an error...Except that now it seems like that's what happened. In the "Previously on..." cutscene, it showed Lee pulling Lilly back as Kenny smashed Larry's head in. Kenny treats me nicely, and I even got the dialogue option of "We killed her dad."

I don't think Telltale anticipated very many people being this indecisive.

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