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  • From reading all the post I don't think Warning__3 is doing anything wrong. All he doing is a interactive walk through of the game. Since you are not technical playing the game just watching him play and it just redirected you to the next scene in the game depending on what you choose from the previous selection. However since from what I read TTG said it OK to post walk through on YouTube I think this is the same as someone posting videos with different selections of the episode so I don't see any problem with it however we will have to wait to see what the moderators have to say

  • TTG has okay'd it

    so why get butt hurt?

  • @Milosuperspesh said: all this legal bollocks is just chest beating/pissing in the wind


    If the team gave this advert the green light, I don't see why anyone should get their panties in a twist over this issue.

  • @Red Panda said: Anyway, keep giving your worthless non-legal opinion. If he listens then it's his own fault for listening to people no smarter than he when it comes to copyright law and deserves what he gets.

    Dude... sounding a little hysterical. Step down off the soapbox and take a deep breath. The OP has contacted Telltale, the ball's in their court. For the moment, no harm, no foul.

  • All you can do is flag it and see what they do. If they're okay with it, then no matter how legally unsound a decision it is, it's been decided. Though I won't feel reassured on this until we hear from a Telltale rep on their policies.

  • @Red Panda said: Yes, I'm absolutely hysterical over this...

    A Canadian over the internet is always a good source on American laws and the American legal system in general.

    Well... probably somewhat closer than you considering I work in the legal profession.

    It's not your problem, you're not his mother, nor are you Telltale's Freelance Police. The OP posted the video on Telltale's forum, with Telltale moderators and Telltale team members. It's not like he's hiding. If they have an issue, they can pull the video.

  • i don't even care about the legal part, i just think it is against the spirit of "lets play" type of videos, if you watch someone play a game on the internet and you like it, you will most likely want to play it yourself, but playing TWD game is mostly just choosing lines of dialogue, so having that choice but in a different format is not really any different than playing it.
    so i think if the entire game was on youtube like this and i had played it a few times, i don't think i would buy it or feel like i needed to play it, and that is why its different from all the other simple recordings of the "lets plays" and why its against the spirit of how and why they are made.

  • You are seriously starting to annoy me. I didn't claim to be an expert, nor would I presume to give legal advice online. My point was that IT'S NOT YOUR PROBLEM. You must have something better to do with your life other than rant on this forum. If not, go find some squirrels to feed.

  • Anybody notice the guy stopped posting in here 2 pages ago? Way to go, Panda. You scared him off. I'm just gonna go back to page 1 and stare at his map wistfully.

  • @Red Panda said: So mean Cyreen! You hurt my feelings :(

    I doubt I'm that lucky.

    The only time I've "chimed in" was in response to your ranting, my profession was only mentioned in passing again in response to your comments and as we both agree it's not your problem, I can only assume you're done (although, I doubt any of us are that lucky).

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