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The Walking Dead - PC Version issues

posted by MaxxPower on - last edited - Viewed by 491 users

Well after finally getting the non-steam PC version to download from TellTale, I sat down and played partway through episode 1 and then quit the game, or tried to anyway. This was where I hit the first problem. Anytime I tried to hit "Exit Game" from the Escape menu, it would just restart Episode 1. Eventually I just had to Alt+F4 out of the game.
Today, I come back to resume my save, load up the game, hit "Continue" under episode 1.....and I'm thrown back to the very start of the episode. Erm....what?! It seems that when the game just restarted when I tried to quit, it decided to over-write the auto-save with one right at the beginning instead.

For crying out loud. With Sam and Max and the Back to the Future games I had no issues.
This release however just screams of hurried and shoddy work from Telltale. As far as I'm aware at least one version of each episode has required patches to fix near enough game-breaking issues. Given the delay between episodes this is, to be frank, unacceptable.
Get your act together Telltale, or we're going to start loosing faith in your next product.

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