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Whose death made you so emotional?

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A lot of the characters have died already, but Carley's death just broke my damn heart!

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  • Nobody. I haven't built up a emotional connection with any of the characters, besides maybe Lee and Clem.

    I was shocked to see Carley get the bullet to the forehead but I didn't feel any kind of way about it.

  • little angry to Lily on Carley's death(in episode 3). Katjaa and Duck's death make me cry.
    Mark's death make me sad.
    That's all.

  • Kaatja. I appreciated her neat accent, kind personality and her intelligence. Also her suicide was depressing to think about; like, not even being with her husband (of at least 10 years) was enough reason to live. Sadface.

  • @ChickVelcro said: Can't believe anyone is choosing Carley's death over Duck's.

    Watching a kid like Duck slowly die in his mother's arms over a few scenes was so much worse than seeing Carley taken out by Lily. Carley's death was quite shocking, but watching Duck slowly turn grey and start wheezing was just gut-wrenching. Not to mention having to then kill him or have his father kill him.

    I actually think there's something a bit wrong mentally with anyone who was more effected by Carley dying than Duck. Duck dying was seriously one of the saddest things i've ever seen in video games. Carley was a nice girl and all, but come on. Duck was a fun-loving, fairly simple, kid, who was running round playing Batman only an hour or so earlier.

    Also, as for all these 'special bonds' and 'connections' with Carley. She fancied Doug until you let him die. She simply moved onto the only other eligible male in the group.

    Couldn't agree more. :)

  • Carley's was more shocking than anything, while Duck's was just sad. Especially the way Kenny kept looking for a way to help Duck, like a cure or something and the way he kept denying that Duck was going to die until the last moments. Even when he accepts that Duck is a goner, the way he argues for something more "peaceful" instead of shooting his son was just heartbreaking.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    Duck's was indeed sad, but Doug hit me the hardest. He was trying to be the voice of reason, and keep the peace, and he ended up taking a bullet that wasn't meant for him. It was truly a heart-breaking way for him to go.

  • Still wish Mark was around. The guy was a friend.

  • I think kenny's will. I think he'll die in at the end of 4 (more likely in 5 probably). It's like they're building a good friendship with him, going through all the highs and lows (or lows, and lowers), having more stuff in common with him/interacting with him the most (other than clem) etc. then they'll rip that friendship, and one of the last links to humanity/normality/sanity away from me. Then I'll be trying to look after clem, and carry on, but inside, I'll be screaming "we're all going to DIEEEEEe. There's no hope left!!" and feel like giving up.

    I didn't really feel anything at carley's death. More just numb, and wtf just happened?

  • I chose Duck. The funniest thing is that for the longest time it seemed like everyone hated Duck. If you were like me you would think things like "Shut up Duck" or "Get out of the way Duck." But episode 3 made me realize that anyone can die in this game. It also endeared Duck to me in a way I did not think possible. Choosing to be totally awesome and not leave him hanging or having a ward like Batman really made me like having him around for once. The loss of Carley was bad but at least I could cope since I got rid of Lilly. I think seeing how sad Kenny was over loosing his family is what made this so emotional. Having made the choice to shoot Duck for him made me realize just how hard this loss would hit me. The prospect of losing Clementine in such a way made this loss the most jarring and saddening.

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