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Around Every Corner Predictions

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Someone is talking to Clementine over the radio for some reason. Clementine has no food or weaponry that can be taken from her. My guess is the unidentified man is suggesting Clementine visit certain places in Savannah to grab risky items. The bandits negotiated/blackmailed Ben into giving them supplies. A similar situation could be happening to Clementine.

I originally paid close attention to the episode posters, but Telltale has been misleading. The third episode poster shows Duck on the train happy, but in the episode he is barely moving while on the train.

Around Every Corner suggests walkers will be around every corner, but I suspect there will be more encounters with other humans (maybe bandits). Kenny, Christa, and Lee are shown in the sewer staring up at a manhole, so there seems to be a good possibility that they are avoiding going around every corner because of the danger.

I don’t know the secret between Omid and Christa. “A group of guys is what we need.” For what? Omid told me on the train when Kenny was showing him the controls that his cat was going to be upset since she was left behind, but I doubt he is planning to use a team rescue the cat. Perhaps, Omid and Christa want to help someone. Glenn left at the end of the first episode to help some friends. Omid and Christa could want the same.

Omid’s injured leg will be an issue. After the car accident, Lee staggered when walking on flat ground. How badly will Omid stagger going up hills, stairs, or ladders? If possible, I would get him a wheelchair because he could probably move faster in it than with his legs, but I don’t think visiting a likely walker-infested hospital is a good idea.

TellTale has almost gone through a checklist of cruel behaviors. Murder? Check. Theft? Check. Assault and battery? Check. Cannibalism? Check. What is next? The physical violence seems to have been covered, but not sexual violence. Will rape, incest and/or pedophilia appear? Perhaps some mentally ill characters that seem normal? An apocalyptic cult? Episode Four writer Gary Whitta mentioned how the voice actor for Lee was shocked at the material he wrote for Around Every Corner. What could shock a voice actor at this point? Probably something extreme as I have speculated. TellTale has shocked some players, so I am wondering what it will do next to continue to shock. Maybe a zombie dog, horse, or other animal could be a surprise. Remember the raven that flew over the forest when Katjaa committed suicide? What if there were zombie birds? They died due to starvation and came back as walkers (or fliers to be more accurate). First there is fear of walkers, then humans, and now other animals. I think that could shock.

What do you all think?

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