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Walking Dead [Mac] - Update downloading screen

posted by JordyLicht on - last edited - Viewed by 241 users

Yes, all of a sudden I have another problem with TWD on the Mac.
For the past couple of weeks I've tried downloading episode 3, without any luck.
On top of that, EVERY time I startup The Walking Dead it goes to the update screen before I get to the main menu. Now, I don't mind an update every once and a while, but now I can't even start the game without having to wait at least 20 minutes... EVERY FRIGGING TIME!

I checked the Temp folder where these files supposedly are kept and yes, they were there. 3 files with long character names. I monitored these files during the 'update' and they are just replaced every time. I've tried deleting the files, but that gives me the exact same situation.
So, now I'm not able to download and play episode 3, but it also takes me 20 minutes of waiting before I'm even able to TRY and download again.

Which brings me to my problem; I (and everyone here) have paid 30 dollars for a game I can't finish. Why is there no one available to apologize or, and I know how crazy this sounds, maybe fix the game?
How many more posts / threads have to be made before we get some help?

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