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So, how are you raising Clementine? [Spoilers]

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I didn't see a thread that asked this question, so I now ask it myself...

Personally, I'm going for a über-good Clem, who has an excellent moral compass, and who sees my Lee as someone that never steals or jabs people with pitchforks - admittedly, that means she's not very pragmatic, but at least I'm not a monster in her eyes.

I changed my mind after doing some thinking (that thinking being influenced by some of the posts here) and rerolled my game completely - ultimately, the only changes that affected Clem was my choice to steal from the car. It hurt to do it but I decided that she needs to learn that survival comes before anything else. However I also tried to instill in her other good values - I spared the brothers, tried to save Larry, etc...

So, basically, what choices did you make concerning Clem/when she was present? Also, what word did you teach her in the barn? I taught her manure, like a responsible father-figure (with a badass voice) :D

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  • Pragmatic/Tough Clem for sure. I feel like if I taught Clem morals she would not do what was needed in a given situation to survive. A screwed world requires tough decisions and whatever to do to survive. If you need to take from an abandoned car to survive, it must be done for survival. Teaching Clem morals just softens her up and gives her less chance for survival. It seems like Clem gives every stranger a chance now. She opens up to Christa quickly, and that stranger on that walkie? How the hell can she trust him? Seriously, sometimes morals isn't the best way to go in this type of world.

    I'm not telling you all that are teaching Clem morals that it's not a good idea, I'm just saying that teaching Clem morals should not overshadow teaching her to survive. Survival comes first. I've been teaching my Clem morals, which is the only thing separating us from the bandits and the St. Johns. But teaching her whatever is neccessary to survive.

    Of course, I have to start all over again since all my saves got corrupted... so...

  • i'm definitely raising a moral clem. as the only parent-like figure she has at this point, i think it's important to teach her that although there are bad things happening in the world, we shouldn't lose our humanity. that's why i didn't kill the brothers and while i took the supplies from the car, i explained to clem why we were doing it and told her to hold on to the hoodie in case we run into the owners. later, in episode 3, i took chuck's advice & taught clem how to defend herself, as well as cut her hair. he made some valid points, and while i'm still going for a moral clem, i also want a clem that knows how to survive.

    i freaking love this game, btw. it's my favorite right now & i can't wait for episode 4! :D

  • I have to admit, I've been teaching her morals.

    But only because I'm having Lee do the pragmatic stuff.

  • @DreadMagus said: I have to admit, I've been teaching her morals.

    But only because I'm having Lee do the pragmatic stuff.

    i think there is a lot of lead by example, not just what you say to her, but i defiantly think teaching morals is important, because immoral people will be hated and eventually killed by good people that they have treated badly

  • Well, that's just it, I don't want Clem to become like that.... one Carl Grimes is enough for any apocalypse.

    So while I do things... ahem... ruthlessly and pragmatically... I keep stressing to her the need to stay a good person. Do it because you "have" to... and all.

  • I've taught a mix between pragmatic and moral. And I always tell her the truth.

    I didn't kill the brothers, but stole from the car. I tried to teach her to put survival first but have mercy close by.

  • @Phantom Command said: Completely agree, I’m doing the same with my Clem she’s a survivor in her own right and if Duck continues to live, all be it in blissful ignorance than so should Clem as long as my Lee can protect her from the dangerous ones.

    Unfortunately the meat locker incident may have destroyed all that hard work, Clems scream and sobs gets me every time

    After episode 3 the bubble of innocense has burst so I guess its survival training time 06:00hrs sharp

  • Pragmatic, moral and honest.

    Not once have I picked an option to lie, to her or anyone else. After episode 3 I don't need to lie about my previous murder either. Sometimes I don't take the most direct approch, like when she asked if the brothers got killed by the walkers and I replied that I don't know. Which I don't. I also don't mix words about her parents or pretend that the world is likely to go back to normal someday. Although I am willing to help her look for them since we have arrived in Savanah anyway.

    I keep unnecessary violence to the minimum. I didn't do that last hammer hit on zombie babysitter. I didn't punch the farmer any more then I needed to subdue him. I let Kenny beat me up when I failed to talk him down. I didn't kill the brothers either, although if they hadn't been attacked by zombies at the end, I would have restarted to the previous save and done it then because I wasn't about to let them go free after what they did. I only left them alive because I figured they would be dealt with later on. Which they were. Having karma do it was kinda lame though.

    I tried to be moral. I defended Duck when they thought he had been bitten. I offered as much sympathy as I could when Duck WAS bitten. I tried staying neutral in the arguments. Didn't eat any food myself and made sure the kids ate (which almost everyone else did as well but still). I picked manure as instead of a certain curse word. I killed Duck myself.

    However I also needed her to be pragmatic. I stole the food from the car. I didn't shoot the girl that was being eaten by zombies. I helped bash Larry's head in, rather then risk him turning (I really don't think most of you Larry savers really realize what a dangerous position we were in at the time). I tried not saying anything about eating the MarkMeat. I thought I could get an advantage by not letting them know I knew right away. Didn't work though so I reset and had him warn Clem in time. Also, teaching her how to shoot a gun? That should have been done a long time ago.

  • Clem will never live in a normal world, so I treated her with no lieing, taking the supplies from the car (an 8 year old's choice against a 37 year old one, come on), basiclly not hidding anything from her, she will have to get over with, this world isn't normal anymore.

  • I'm doing 'Moral Clem; a screwed world doesn't require ruthlessness'. But I've also been making choices to show that it's not required, but sometimes necessary. Hopefully she isn't going to be naive, and trust everyone just because they're a survivor too.

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