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Episode 4 thoughts on who will Live/Die

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As what anyone or everyone played of Episode 3 should see what might happen in Ep. 4. What do you guys think they may do for the episode and do you think they will make the choices more harder and matter even more than in Ep. 3

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  • @Zeruis said: I'm thinking that Kenny's going to die in the next episode.

    The only person that is said beyond Clem and Lee is Christa since she is with Child. I don't think telltale has it in em.

    I mean the comics did, but that was whole other beast

  • Honestly,I just can't wear off the feeling that Ben will survive the episode,as well as Kenny and Chuck.But like it has been said earlier,Omid,probably.
    Although,Christa is bothering me a lot ( Omid dies,and some other shit happens,maybe we will see that scene. :)

  • the people that die will be the ones that actually writing anything decent would take too long to make the release date.
    Clem dies anyway, so who the hell cares, Lee get the choice whether to let her live as a zombie, or do the "duck" and blow her brains out.

  • Lee, Clem & Kenny will survive 'till EP 5.

    Omid will die of the leg injury, Christa's life might be over, Ben will be "slipping" in a moment and walkers get him. And Chuck will die of oldness. :D

    Also I am looking forward to find Glenn again, but I doubt it. :P

  • This is my guess

    Kenny - Lives Or Abandons The Group

    Lee - Lives

    Clem - Lives

    Ben - Dies Or Leaves

    Chuck - Dies

    Omid - Dies From His Leg Or Lee Leaves Him Behind

    Christa - Dies Or Commits Suicide From Omids Death Or If You Leave Him

  • I don´t see Chuck dying, after living 10 years by himself he is bound to have learned a trick or two on how to stay alive. I also don´t think Ben will "punch his own ticket", seems a bit too obvious.

    With that said, I really can´t tell what else will happen in this episode. I just hope IGN doesn´t give it away in their review like they did with Duck. Or people commenting in facebook for that matter.

  • I think the end of ep 4 will leave only Clem, Lee and Kenny as well as any group members we pick up this episode. Omid's leg means he won't last long, Christa will go down trying to help Omid. Chuck will probably die saving Clem and Ben, depending on how we treated him, may die a coward or a hero.

  • Lee - survives
    Clem - survives
    Kenny - survives
    Ben - optional
    Chuck - dies
    Omid - optional
    Christa - survives

    Walkietalkie Guy - survives
    Ice pick Woman - survives

  • Lee and Clem has a one hundred percent chance of surviving seeing as they are central to the story, unless one of them gets bitten at some point in Episode 4 bringing emphasis to the title of the fifth Episode

    Kenny may survive the episode depending on how compelled he is to find a boat in Savannah and when all the chips are down and when all hopes are lost, Kenny might be consumed by his sadness and may actually off himself, especially if he is drinking which tends to intensify feelings such as sadness.

    Omid has a very small chance of survival based on the state of his leg, but seeing as it has been patched up somewhat in the latest trailer it may actually heal overnight just as Lee's leg did in Episode 1

    Christa has a high chance of survival based on her and Omid's survival skills, but the chances might waver should Omid die (there is the chance that Christa may commit suicide as a result of Omid's death as hinted at a piece of artwork from the trailer of the game or she may die trying to save Omid when he is unable to run from the walkers).

    Charles has the best chance of survival as he is the most stable out of the other characters (no detrimental events have transpired for him) and he has managed to survive on his own.

    Ben's survival is debatable and his shame for indirectly killing almost everyone from the original group might either push him to tell the whole group about it (which might result in Kenny beating him to death or just beating on him and you have to get Kenny off him), Lee might kill him because he has done nothing useful since they have arrived in Savannah or he may just "punch his own ticket"

    Walkie Talkie Man might survive and I think he may be an enemy in Episode 5, especially since one of the chapters in the episode is dubbed the Marsh House

    I have no knowledge as to whether or not she will survive as she might be an important character or she may just be like the rest of the bandits (hell she could even be the guy who won the pre order contest and may be devoured by walkers at some point)

  • Honestly if that ninja girl in the trailer turns out to be an enemy or Chuck dies, I really wouldn't care about any of the other characters besides Lee and Clem.

    I mean, I like Christa and Omid, but not too much...

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