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OSX: episodes on multiple user accounts

posted by JEisen on - last edited - Viewed by 133 users

Is there any way to share downloaded episodes across multiple user accounts on OSX? The first episode is part of the standard application bundle, so it gets shared just fine, but everything after that downloads into ~/Library/Application Support, which means it's locked to the user that downloads it.

I've even tried to set up symlinks, or just by copying all the data under SyncFS to the second account, but the game still doesn't recognize that the content is there, and it forces me to start downloading again. This is especially annoying because it can't download in the background -- if I switch to another app for more than a few seconds, the app crashes and has to start all over again.

I would love to be able to install it so that only saved game data is user-specific. Failing that, it'd be fine to be able to just copy certain files so I don't have to wait an hour, dedicating the computer completely, to play an episode I already have on my hard drive, especially when my disk space is at a premium already.

Any tips?

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  • Why not just redownload the episodes on the other users?

  • Honestly, because it's a huge pain to have to sit there and wait for them to download when you can't download in the background, and you have to do it one at a time. And because I have limited available disk space already.

    The solution I have right now is just to start over in the account that has the episodes downloaded, using multiple saves in the same user rather than under separate accounts. It's just really frustrating, and makes me wistful for the days when I'd download each episode as an individual app (as they were up to BttF).

    I understand completely that this is a rare, rare case, and that I may be the only player in the world who's frustrated with it. And it's not just Telltale that's doing it; Steam is probably the worst offender, and it's made me avoid buying games there if I can get it anywhere else at all. (There are hacks around it there, but, say, given the choice between getting something from Steam and the Mac App Store, I go with the App Store every time.)

  • And just to clarify, this is not really a heavy criticism of Telltale, who is still my favorite game company, has as much money from me as they would take, and who has been extraordinarily helpful with getting games to run in utterly unsupported environments. (Whoever in customer support helped me to get one of the games running under Wine when the only issue was that the registration itself wasn't working properly deserved tremendous praise.)

    I really do understand the technical challenges involved, the policies that must have been created internally so that this small company could support multiple platforms in the first place, and how minor my complaint actually is in the grand scheme of things. Which is why I'm looking for advice from someone who might have some insight into how that whole episode-download system works, and not trying to cast Telltale as the enemy. If my frustrations imply otherwise, I apologize.

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