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I Called It Months Ago! [Christa]

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This is me gloating. If you don't like that leave.

A couple months ago I predicted that Christa is pregnant after playing Ep. 3. I make a long argument here, go read before you argue with me.

... And I think that anybody who's played Ep. 4 can now see that I'm abso-freaking-lutely correct :cool:

In case you somehow played Ep. 4 and didn't see what I saw (maybe you were too busy crying about Chuck or Lee), here's the short list:

1. Christa is disproportionately upset when she watches the tape during which Dr. Logan attempts to pressure Ann into aborting her child.

This should be an obvious one. Lee notices this and is struck by it. You can ask her if she's okay and she gives an evasive answer "It's just hard to watch." OBVI CHRISTA, YOU LIE AND YOU PREGNANT.

2. Christa quickly recognizes the sonogram on the ground like she's some kind of pro on sonograms or something. OR PREGNANT!!

This isn't as clear-cut, but come on, but I don't think it's coincidental on the part of the writers to put this in. It adds to the feeling of empathy that Christa has for Ann, the girl on the tapes.

3. Christa is crazy upset about Omid. Like super super upset. Like crazy crazy super super omg he fathered her child now it all makes sense get over it I know I'm right.

Really though, if Christa is pregnant, doesn't this add a lot more depth to her character, and Omid's as well?

Anyway, maybe my evidence this time around wasn't as good as my evidence from Ep.3, but it does compliment my theory nicely :cool:

I await my digital high-fives.

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