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Brie, the door, other things.(rant-ish)

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Ok seriously, what's up with killing the slightly overweight or heavier people ? I mean, Doug died unfortunately for a lost cause, as that idiot Ben is the reason everything went to hell. Although I disliked Brie initially (I guess I can see her caution), she seemed resourceful enough, and "manned up" to take care of the door while the idiot decided it was a GREAT time to talk about what he did.

They're not dying in the stereotypical manner, just because someone is fat doesn't mean they cant keep up with the group, I just REALLY want to know. I don't care much for Christa honestly. Molly was pretty bad-ass, but seemed a bit on the thin side to be pulling adults up in the manner she does. I know she is athletic, but that doesn't mean she's necessarily muscular.

Regardless, this is the first game to make me "feel" something in a very long while for the characters and the situations. The highlight for me being the entire Crawford mission, especially the "escape" in the tower.... and yes for some strange reason I saved Ben. Why ? Maybe I'm just an idiot too.

Love the game by the way. Still, would be great to see some large characters actually LIVE through the game and not get killed because of some kid. Damn I should have let Ben die..

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