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Moving Saves to Steam

posted by lnfidelity on - last edited - Viewed by 203 users

So I have a Telltale Games version of the game, and also a Steam version of the game. Right now, I have the TTG version of the game installed, and the Steam version not.

I'd really like to use the Steam version, but don't want to start over on my saves. Is there a location for me to copy my TTG saves into the Steam folder, and then install the Steam version and have it work?


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  • Steam games save files are located in "My Documents" folder so it should be

    My Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead

    The best way is for you to start a new game first, then look for the save files and replace the folders accordingly

  • So right now, in Documents\Telltale Games, I just have a GameData folder with like 81 saves. Is that bad? lol.

    I only have two files, but I guess it's creating separate instances each time? Since the path is the same as the Steam saves you mentioned above, do I need to cut that folder away and paste it on my desktop, install the Steam version, then New Game, and replace my Steam save with one of these (renaming as necessary)?

    ...No idea how to know which one is the right save to replace it with.

  • You should copy all save files, including the prefs.prop file.

    Copy these to the new Steam save folder. Done.

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