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[TWD] Game breaking bug, please help!

posted by TridentJax on - last edited - Viewed by 274 users

Alright, I am a huge Walking Dead fan, and I just bought Episode 4 but I can't even play it. Last night I actually did get to play it after about 20 minutes of troubleshooting, but when I got up the next day, the bug was back. The bug is whenever I try to load up Episode 4, it starts Episode 1 instead, and I have tried
very hard to get it to work, but nothing seems to fix it. It doesn't even allow me to rewind or continue on ANY of the episodes, but when I check the stats of the episode, my choices are there. I went back and replayed the ending of Episode 1, but that did nothing. Am I the only one having this issue? I really want to play this episode, hopefully a patch will come soon.

I'm playing on the Xbox 360, by the way.

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