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Can't download episode 4

posted by randomblack1 on - last edited - Viewed by 4.1K users

When I click on "Get" in the in-game downloader, it gives me an error message saying "Check internet connection". My internet connection is obviously good, though... Any ideas?

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  • HOLY SHIT BE CAREFUL GUYS.....I think the bit where people are saying that they are being told to re-enter their username and password is FAKE. Since when is the official website called: ? it's OFFICIALLY CALLED: Fishy no ?

  • @Resistanc3 said: even though i'd advise to use a different anti-virus be assured it is not related

    NOD32 is the BOMB. Light footprint, gamer mode, highly customizable. As for (temporarily) disabling it, I could not download the episodes otherwise. Placebo? Perhaps, but I'll take it.

    @Resistanc3 said: I would do this but Im not sure this point i will try anything. Im glad you were able to download it

    Right-click on your Walking Dead icon and click "Run as Administrator".

  • @Resistanc3 said:

    download everything, place it in the folder then it jumps to 100% right away

    Tried this three times already, doesn't work for me!

    Any more suggestions? (I'm already pissed about it!)

  • Thanks JumpyBL..ill try it!

  • It didnt work JumpyBL..Thanks for info though

  • @Sir Fruitcakes said: I didn't say it was your internet...

    What version of windows do you use?

    Which ever version people with this same downloading problem are using, is most probably the same (or better) version of windows they had used to download all previous episodes. I wonder why you would ask anyone this at this point.

    FOLKS start posting this problem to their facebook page, that will make an ugly facebook page and not a good advertisment. IF you are as unhappy as most of you are claiming to be. (TTG suggested mode of obtaining customer support is INEFFECTIVE).

  • Same issue as everyone else!

  • Same issue as everyone else. (im on PC with Windows 7)

    Started downloading and got to 25% then cut out, now every time i try it hits 10% and tells me the connection is gone which is utter BS. I turned off my anti-virus and ran as admin, nada. I'm finding the quote in my sig quite appropriate right now.

    I was supposed to be up all last night playing this, I had to sleep like some sort of neanderthal.

  • I received an e-mail from Telltale saying, "We are aware that a small number of players are experiencing this issue," and my response to that is: I don't care if I'm the ONLY one (which I'm clearly not), it needs to be resolved since the problem clearly isn't on my end (I've also downloaded the first 3 episodes without a problem). The e-mail also said, "Please ensure you have a strong internet connection and are logged into your Telltale account before attempting the download again. Also, you can try connecting to another network," and I am logged in, clearly my internet is fine (I'm posting this), and I have no other network other than my home internet connection (is that what that means?).

  • Well, like many others I have now managed to get to around 30% and then I "lose my connection" and it's right back to 10%. Honestly how is this not fixed yet? I don't care if it's "just a small number of players" the fact is we paid for the game same as everyone else and right now we can't even play what we paid for. I'm so tempted to just buy the game again on steam so I can play episode 4 except I really don't want to reward TT for this with even more money.

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