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Your opinion on why Molly changed her mind

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When she and Lee get back from the repair shop, she says she has something to do.

She decides to keep the battery just in case they mind leave without her. So, at the point she clearly intended to go with them…or hold them back for a while.

However, if in your game she survives, at the end, she leaves the house without notifying anybody, not even Lee who barely managed to catch her at the stairs.

Is she hiding something you think?

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  • I let Ben fall to his gruesome death, so I thought she felt uneasy around me.

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    @Schramm00 said: Hmmm yeah......thinking about she do not really say what her did at the moment she take the battery and her was 100% of going on the boat...So something happened to her going way...But i really hope she come back at the epi 5

    She won't come back in my episode 5, as she is dead.

    There is still enough to manage for devs with all the possibilities now, that Molly will probably not stack up :-)

  • @Schramm00 said: So at the moment no chance of get Molly to the group right?.......I hope she can back for us again...I mean like a lovely with Lee...she is good,i think she can take Lee now Carley is dead

    I don't think Molly would want zombie Lee so... lol. There isn't even a time for romance with the things happening.

  • @Schramm00 said: So at the moment no chance of get Molly to the group right?.......I hope she can back for us again...I mean like a lovely with Lee...she is good,i think she can take Lee now Carley is dead

    Ep5 ends with Lee and Molly having hot sex... but then Lee turns into a walker during sex and kills her. The End.

  • @8Bit_System said: She's being realistic. She saw a non functioning group, unable to protect themselves in Savanna, she saw Ben confessing his "crime", she saw Kenny tilting over it... would you want to stay with these people if you were quite able to survive on your own? I wouldn't...

    That's just it, though; by her own dialogue she shouldn't be able to survive on her own in Savannah as she claims it was already picked clean, etc.

    Some of the things she says just don't add up, as I said. e.g. searching a city for supplies when she claims she's already been over every inch of it and that there's nothing left. She strikes me as bad news. I mean, hell, at the stand she could've just as easily escaped - instead she chose to try and ambush Lee from behind. And of course, the morning after Molly's change of heart about coming with us is when Clem happens to go missing.

    On another note, the characters seemed pretty quick to dismiss her as bad news - "oh, okay, she was the bell ringer (which lead to Chuck's death), but she's obviously not the Walkie Talkie Guy...". I kinda get the feeling the writers had her channel the Carly vibe solely so we wouldn't suspect her.

  • She never said she'd stay in Savanna. She says she's always been better off on her own...

    Her dialogue differs by the choices you made, but none state that she's planning to stay, at least none that I had.

  • I nthe video we saw she had sex with that guy for take medicine for her sister....But anyway her explanation was not clear...maybe she is hiding something for sure.I still belive she will come back.....and i think maybe Lee wasn't bite...there no much blood...anyway i think he probably can survive

  • That is why I was one of the very, very, very low percentage people that told Clem in the train in Episode 3 "its best we go on our own", or something to that extent.

    The group was simply broken and being held together by silly string and some gum. Molly could see that as well. Why would any sane person stay?

  • She could have swap the battery makes since like one person pointed out.

  • I immediately thought when she came back that she had actually swaped it for a dead battery

    What would she do that for?

    Wait until they start looking for another battery then steal the boat?

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