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Episode 4 Play Killed My Save

posted by jimbg on - last edited - Viewed by 134 users

I downloaded the episode 4 for Xbox last night. Fired it up just a bit ago with my wife watching. I went through the usual, continuing from where I left off. I selected my save from finishing episode 3.

Some animation began, so I was ready for the next episode. I was surprised to see myself in the back of a cop car. My wife asks if I started a new game. No, I didn't.

Well, just to make sure, I paused and used the Main Menu option. Then went back in to load my save once more. But my nice end of episode 3 save is now a brand-spanking-new start of episode 1 save.

So I just lost all of my previous data, from all three episodes, in an attempt to load my old save. Had I known the buggy nature, I would've been paranoid and made a backup. Now I just have to hope I remember every single choice I made in the previous three episodes, and waste a whole bunch of time recreating it.

I really enjoyed the game up until this point, having had few bugs in the previous episodes. Very disappointing.

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  • Update: I was mistaken that my previous information was lost. I was able to go back in on my save that showed Episode 1, but advance forward to get to Episode 4. I loaded again, and I am getting a "previous on" type of scene, so I have hope that it was just a weird thing that only erroneously brought me to the start of Episode 1.

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