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[Spoiler] The hell is with back pockets in this game?

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So in episode 4, my favourite scene (by far) is when Molly gives Lee the GIANT car battery finally, and he immediately puts it... in his back pocket. What the hell? How is that a thing?

Then there's the scene where you're running through the armory (bell tower) and suddenly Kenny has the rifle that I guess he's been carrying since you took out the St. John's. Where's he been keeping THAT?!

It just seems like a game that tries to be relatively realistic (minus the whole zombie thing, obviously) could have spent some time coding in, oh, I dunno, a _backpack_. I will admit though, the whole back pocket thing is making me laugh hilariously.

It's one thing to pick up like the shovel at the house and not see Lee holding it always - whatever, lots of games do that. But in an actually programmed scene, lol...

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  • The ability to stuff things into some mysterious infinite-capacity void somewhere behind the character's back is an adventure game tradition. It's unrealistic, but practical in terms of implementation -- think of how complicated the branching would get if different animations and possible reactions had to be created for what's in the character's hands at any given point. A backpack doesn't really solve the problem much more credibly, so we'll just have to take this convention as is. Old-school text adventures usually had some practical limit, though it was often generous -- I just played a late-70s adventure allowing up to 13 objects in inventory, including a dog and a woman. Telltale's games generally limit the number of available objects to keep things from getting TOO silly.

  • What ever happened to immersing yourself in the story and forget about such things? :)
    Discworld had that magical chest following you around. It was groundbreaking for the adventure genre I think.

  • Personally, I wonder more about where he magically put the shovel in the beginning of episode 4.

  • This happened all along in the series... in EP2 when Lee grabs the board to repair the swing he also stuffs the hug ass board in his back pocket. Same with the Shovel. And I guess other things.

  • Everybody's hero pulls something out of his ass once in a while. :)

  • I agree to gamingafter40, some adventures even have animations for retrieving these items. :D

    P.S.: You should watch the rest too...

  • What about the start of Monkey Island 3, with the pole in pants dissapearing animation?

    (no, don't want to search YouTube now, seek for yourself)

  • Hammer Space, I've done endless research to this amazing technology.
    It has endless possibilities, I'll soon make it affordable to all seeking an adventure..... and those who just need the extra space.

  • Not as bad as being behind the other player in Kayne + lynch in the naked bit. Let me just get my gun out...

  • @Walker#8 said: I still think the funniest scene was in episode 3 when you get the cutting torch, lee and clem are walking back to the train neither are carrying the torch, lee is carrying a 9mm and has another one in his waistband. Pretty cool to run around w/2 9mm

    I thought that was weird for a lot of other reasons
    1. That train station looked abandoned (as in before the infection) why would someone leave a welding torch there and how did it still have gas after so much time?
    2. Theres only 1 tank, but hes using a cutting torch? That doesnt make any sense. Trying to cut with just an acetylene tank takes FOREVER

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