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Rant of an angry iOS user

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I've been checking the walking dead app everyday for the past month checking for episode 3. I read in the forums that Episode 3 would be available for iOS late September/Early October. Then an app update comes out, great this will bring something I thought. Nope. Now I read Episode 4 is available... And now I am pissed.

I purchased all 5 episodes in the App Store and am regretting not buying it for my Xbox.

Why is the iOS team missing deadlines porting the game? Is this what to be expected for the upcoming episodes?

One thing is for sure, TellTaleGames needs to do better with the iOS ports or offer credit to get the game on an alternate platform.

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  • Not sure, but I finished the first two episodes on the iPad. When I knew that the next episode was out, but I couldn't play it on the iPad, I bought the game on my Mac. Very happy with that; I get the episodes as early as possible, and the gameplay feels much better on the computer, oppose to the iPad. Anyway, that's just my two cents.

  • Trust me I feel your pain re iOS.

    But, TTG have never actually said when the release schedule was for iOS. The only dates that had been mentioned was by users such as myself with the estimated late September, early October. As for the delay relative to PC/Mac/XBLA/PSN/ it was released on iOS late July, 3 months after the original release of TWD on other platforms. Ultimately this means, iOS is actually comparatively ahead of the other platforms on release timing.

    You could have purchased on another platform by the sounds of it, but didn't. So ranting unfortunately probably won't get you any sympathy sorry. I didn't have any other option to purchase it on. In NZ there was no release of TWD on either XBLA or PSN, and my PC won't run it. So to play TWD I have to play the waiting game on iOS, as unfortunately you do to.

  • @Menacingm said: Why is the iOS team missing deadlines

    What are the so called deadlines? I never saw any mentioned anywhere. Feel free to provide sources.

  • I really have the same feeling from the OP. And I think it's really unfair to us iOS users. What I don't understand is that why is it so long for iOS users to wait until one episode comes out. We have to wait and wait and wait til everyone else from other platforms stopped talking about it and ready to move to the next episode, then we can get to play our first episode, when other people are playing ep2. What's this? iOS discrimination????? Did we pay .99 cent for this game? I believed I pressed the buy button that indicates 4.99 when I first saw in on app store and then pressed another button for "buy ep 2 -5" for the same price just like everyone else did. So what's the delay? I believe it won't take long for Apple to examine TTG's game and you can always release one to Apple for examine before the official release day. C'mon, TTG, you can make this game to get released on PC/XBAL/PSN/Mac (which i dun understand since MAC and iOS are from same company), why can't you just make another platform available for other?

  • TWD for iOS was always (for want of a better word) an afterthought. It was never originally planned for release when TTG had time.

    So far, ep 2 was released 1 month after ep 1 and I'm guessing ep 3 will be this week or next making it 6 weeks since ep 2.

    On the other platforms it was 2 months from 1 to 2, then another 2 months from 2 to 3. So again, I argue although we are late, we are comparatively running ahead of the other platforms.

    And before anybody accuses me of being a fan boy, look through my posts probably half of them have been voicing my displeasure of TTG and their lack of communication etc.

  • I have to agree with others in this thread that this is just getting old.
    Hey, Telltale!
    IF you are not going to support it fully in iOS devices then make good by offering the losers that prepaid for the season the full Mac or PC version so we can play until you get done working out your issues.
    Just a thought.

  • I know how you feel. I feel your pain. There are other ways to play this game anyway.
    I have a feeling that reason why they created the IOS version because they are not making enough on xbox or ps3 systems and even pc and mac.

    I got my full refund like two weeks ago. my story below:

    I had been researching for another chapter since last month and I gave up waiting.
    I contacted ITUNES support saying that my game crashed on me when I updated ios 6.0 on my ipad 3 (which is a lie). I keep saying that once I load the game, it keeps crashing. I cant even play and go into my game. I want my refund back. They tried every single step to help me: delete the game first, download the game through iTunes and then upload it to my ipad. I keep saying it doesnt work. They even asked me to reset my whole ipad and I keep telling them that it doesnt work. They said they will contact telltale games about it and still working on it. Behind their backs, I contact my CC company that i download this game through iTunes and it doesnt work. I cant even contact Telltale games and they keep telling me to do this and that to my ipad. I said i can even screenshot that this game crashes every time i want to play. Credit went back to my account just two weeks ago. My cousin who also bought this game through ipad. I asked for his itunes account email/password and download it on my ipad ;)

    Edit: If you have a friend or family member who bought this game on IOS, tell them that Im willing to pay half if we share the game together by letting me use their itunes account to download.
    I did this deal with my cousin who bought the game along multipack.
    Before speaking with anybody about this, try to get your money back from itunes and your cc company :)

  • I would be quite happy if they could just say when we could expect it rather then a bunch of us getting pissed because of speculation, to be fair I did read some where yesterday for the life of me can't remember where I see it but it said we can expect it towards the end of the month :):) . I'm not 100% sure but it's summit

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