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Possible Christa forshadowing? (and a funny video)

posted by TheWaltzingBread on - last edited - Viewed by 121 users

I was playing through episode 3 again on my second save when I noticed something Christa says about the tanker blocking the path to the train. Here's the dialogue:

Lee: Looks like all we need to worry about is that tanker (or something similar)

Christa: Why don't you ask Omid, he likes breaking things

I know that one of the more popular ideas around here is Christa being pregnant, so I thought this would maybe refer to condoms? on the other hand Omid was pretty happy to be 'cutting metal with fire', so I could be wrong.

Also, a found this funny video (not by me) which points Ben out as a liability, and some funny stuff in episodes 3 and 4 (spoilers).

(ignore the clusterfug of annotations, they stop at 0:18)

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