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I hate you, TellTale. I really do.

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1. I'm a grown-ass man. When I told Clem that we might not have time to search for her parents, and she started crying, turned away from me when I tried to reach out....... I almost teared up. I'm a grown-ass man and nearly cried because of this. I hate you, TTG.

2. This isn't a game. It's a damn awful experience. I spend the whole time worrying about the people in the group and what could happen to them. I get angry when something might happen to Clem. I worry and fret even after I get through.

3. See #1. I've played games for a long time. A LONG time. (I had a Magnavox Odyessy 2 - look it up.) There have been plenty of games that I've enjoyed and loved playing. Some, I play multiple times because I enjoy it. But, TTG, I have never CARED for a game, more specifically the characters in the game. You have accomplished what - in my opinion - no one ever has before: You made players give a damn about the game, not just a "I don't want my characters to die because I spent a lot of time building up their stats" either; but I honestly don't want anything bad to happen to them. Even that idiot Ben. I saved him. I still believed that Lilly could be saved, too - at least until she drove off with the RV.

4. But, most importantly, I hate you because Lee got bit. How can you do that to us? What if we don't find Clem's mom? What will happen to Clem? That dork Omid? Kenny? Certainly not Kenny. Who will protect her?

You're all a bunch of ass holes. Thanks for making the best game I have ever played. ( I still hate you. )

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