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Should Omid have died?

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After watching the fourth episode of the Walking Dead and following the scene whereas Omid is shown to have died from his infection, but is in fact alive I got the feeling that his sudden burst of life was out of nowhere and illogical.

For one he appeared to have no pulse (shown by Christa checking his wrist and making a worried face) along with a lack of breathing and then suddenly he wakes up, even if he had been asleep I am sure he would have been woken up by everyone entering the room and thus his springing to life was completely out of nowhere in my opinion which I believe in terms of the walking dead is unrealistic.

Another thing is that it took the survivors a whole night to get the medication to Omid and if one takes not of the state he was in prior to their leaving there was very little chance of survival and thus when he was just lying still on the bed it would have made more sense for him to be dead than just sleeping.

That is my general opinion on the scene itself. What do you guys think about this scene?

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